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The Top ESG Trends for PR and IR Pros to Know from May

Sustainability remains top of mind for many companies — both public and private — and ESG continues to be a growing topic we see in press releases. May was certainly no exception in terms of brands and organizations eager to get their news around environmental, social and governance issues out.

Below is a roundup of the ESG news trends we noticed in press releases sent via PR Newswire in the month of May – and how PR and comms teams can learn from their example.

1. A Focus on Growth (Not Just Financially)

Charitable acts don’t have to be just for people. Companies are helping planet Earth by refreshing the lungs of the world and committing to replanting trees across the globe. These efforts help strengthen the environmental cause of a company and provide more awareness to stakeholder groups.

Here are a few recent examples:

2. (Knowledge) Sharing Is Caring 

Another interesting trend we saw among corporations of all sizes was taking initiative to share best practices around sustainability – from tips for decarbonization to advice for approaching key challenges. Prioritizing sustainability can be difficult, but these companies are leading by example and sharing valuable insights designed to help other companies help others.

Giving back was the name of the game for these companies’ recent press releases:

3. Big Investments in ESG 

Financial institutions are funding big projects related to sustainability. Whether it’s for affordable housing or improving infrastructure, financial institutions are making considerable investments in key areas that impact communities. These announcements share the level of investment and potential returns (both economically and socially) to both meet sustainability goals and satisfy the needs of investors and greater stakeholders.

Here are a few ESG investment-related press releases you might have missed:

The Takeaway:

Best practices in the ESG field are still developing as many companies are just beginning their journey in sustainability. Knowledge, investment and charity all work toward creating a healthy environment, and companies are setting a helpful tone by bringing attention to their ESG efforts through thoughtful and strategic communication, effectively educating others and inspiring them to take ownership of their own sustainability efforts. This movement is all about rising up together, and what better way to do that than empowering peers?

If you have an ESG story to tell about your brand – or lessons you can share around ESG – now is the time to shine a spotlight on them.