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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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Which Press Releases Received the Most Traction in March?

A look at high-performing press releases from March and other trends for PR pros to know

In somewhat of an evolution of my column on the most impressive press releases of the month, I want to bring you an even more data-driven look at the press releases that are making waves on the wire and in the media. I invite you to take a look at some of the highest performing press releases from the last month and consider which tactics they’re using that you can apply to – and enhance – your own press release creation and distribution strategy.

March releases performing well on

These releases captured some of the most eyeballs in the past month. Was it a compelling headline that made each so popular? Eye-catching visuals and an easy-to-read layout? Great story telling elements? Why not all of the above? Take a look and judge for yourself:

March releases with some of the highest multimedia engagement on Cision channels: 

Here at Cision, we’re also touting the benefits of using multimedia in your press releases. Not only does including visual elements help to break up the text and provide more context for the story you want to tell, multimedia has been proven to increase reader engagement. Below are just a few press releases that exemplify best practices with multimedia.

Earned media spotlight:

Trending news for PR pros to know:

The Ukraine-Russia war continues to have an impact on trending news, of course.  The keyword “Ukraine” appeared in releases on our global wire 124 times from January 1 to February 22 and 964 times from February 22 to March 31.

March examples of Ukraine-related press releases included: 

Other trending keywords from March:

  • Digital transformation” was used 718 times throughout press releases in March (of particular note are its use in these releases from Google on  March 23 and March 28). This compares to its use in February 637 times; in January, 654 times.
  • “NFT” was used in 370 releases in March versus 315 in February and 272 in January
  • Supply chain” topped February, with 1,830 in March; vs. 1,698 in February (and a high of 1,892 times in November).

The bottom line: You can learn a lot from the press releases (and press release content) that perform well. The more you pay attention, the more insight you can glean around the best practices that capture audiences and increase earned media - and the more equipped you will be to create higher performing press releases for your organization.

Glenn Frates

Glenn Frates is Regional Vice President of U.S. Distribution at Cision. Glenn’s 20+ years experience in content distribution and best practices, global marketing strategies and large-scale operations management has provided him a broad perspective on what does and doesn’t work well in the Marketing/PR arena.