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The 2024 Cision and PRWeek Global Comms Report

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40 Newsworthy Reasons to Write a Press Release

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The press release is a powerful tool. In fact, 72% of journalists say the press release is one of the most useful types of content a PR pro can deliver. Writing an effective press release can be the key to building your brand’s reputation, earning media coverage, and growing your online presence. But first, you need a news angle.  

So – how do you keep your content calendar full of compelling, attention-grabbing content during an uncertain or tumultuous news cycle?  

It is likely that your organization is full of great stories waiting to be told. A press release must reveal something new or “newsworthy” to capture the attention of both the media and your audience. A newsworthy piece of content is timely, relevant, impactful; it should overall reveal something and be worth reading or writing about.  

Not sure where to start? Take a look at these 40 ideas—  the possibilities that exist within your own organization may surprise you:   

  1. Opening a new business 
  2. Relocating or opening a new office  
  3. Announcing company expansion 
  4. Launching a new product 
  5. Announcing a product update or new product feature 
  6. Rebranding or updating your company name  
  7. Announcing contest or competition  
  8. Announcing contest results 
  9. Celebrating a company milestone or anniversary  
  10. Launching a new website 
  11. Supporting a non-profit or cause 
  12. Volunteering  
  13. Receiving a donation 
  14. Participating in a national or local event 
  15. Launching a new campaign  
  16. Results from a survey or study 
  17. Changing a product name 
  18. Receiving an award  
  19. Announcing financial earnings results or forecasts 
  20. Announcing a conference call 
  21. Sharing monthly sales reports 
  22. Releasing a thought leadership piece from an industry expert 
  23. Publishing tips or educational information   
  24. Announcing an acquisition or merger 
  25. Hosting a webinar 
  26. Re-purposing a blog post 
  27. Promoting an upcoming event  
  28. Announcing an accomplishment  
  29. Receiving a certification 
  30. Introducing a new hire 
  31. Announcing a retirement  
  32. Announcing an internal promotion 
  33. Announcing a new partnership or collaboration 
  34. Restructuring your business 
  35. Announcing something tied to a major holiday 
  36. Announcing something tied to a local or national story or event 
  37. Announcing a new service  
  38. Issuing a letter to shareholders  
  39. Announcing a new investor  
  40. Offering a free training or resource 

Remember, a press release is not an ad and should not focus on low prices (50% Off! Buy Now!) or use direct appeal to consumers (“you” language). A press release should always lead with a news angle and appeal to the interest of both media and key audiences. Almost anything can be turned into a news story; you just have to find that hook.