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Ford Motor Company's Launch of the Mustang Mach-E Put Earned Media in the Driver’s Seat

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Ford Motor Company – a leading global auto manufacturer – reached the elusive Holy Grail all communicators have long sought in their quest to prove ROI value with the launch of the 2019 Ford Mustang Mach-E.

This launch marked several milestones for the long-standing brand: their first vehicle designed from the ground up as electric, the first time Ford expanded its Mustang family beyond sports coupes, the first-time customers could reserve their Mach-E on The business put a premium on driving customers to the website and converting visits into reservations for car orders. It was vital the car’s key stats appear across targeted earned and social media and crucial to protect the Mustang brand with its loyal fans.

The team had their work cut out for them – yet the campaign exceeded expectations and earned their team a spot in the driver’s seat!

Download the case study to learn how Ford’s Communications team:

  • Filled the First Edition Mach-E reservations on
  • Ranked among top 10 topics in Google Search during launch
  • Generated 2.5M site visits in the first two months
  • Increased sentiment and brand awareness, chiefly among Gen-Z

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