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Success Story: Rocket Media Communications Brings Unique Event 'Nomad Universe' to International Spotlight with Cision

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Rocket Media Communications specializes in crafting media and communication packages for a unique set of customers. Their niche market includes government organizations such as international ministries of tourism and economy.

When the World Ethnogames approached Rocket Media to handle the promotion of their new upcoming festival ‘Nomad Universe’ in Saudi-Arabia, Michael Grabner, CEO of Rocket Media Communications jumped at the opportunity.

The success story showcases how:

  • Rocket Media created a multi-faceted campaign to maximize their reach and bring awareness to the event
  • Rocket Media used a Multichannel News Release to reach media worldwide
  • Rocket Media reached 90th percentile in total visibility using Cision PR Newswire
  • Release was viewed over 6,100 times, showcases that SEO/reach was especially high for this event compared to others in the same industry

And much more! Download the success story to learn more.