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The Abbi Agency Creates a Digital-First Approach With Cision

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As an agency that solves problems by creating integrated communications plans, The Abbi Agency isn't afraid to explore cutting-edge strategies. This was the idea with an exciting, new digital-first PR approach for their client, Visit Carmel, the destination marketing organization for Carmel-by-the-Sea

The success story showcases how:

  • The Abbi Agency turned to Cisionto help execute this digital-first strategy
  • The Abbi Agency used monitoring tools to pull previous coverage that had high traffic to see which stories were driving traffic to the Visit Carmel website
  • The Abbi Agency was then able to re-pitch those outlets with updated stories to further drive traffic

Download the success story to learn more.

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The Abbi Agency turned to Cision to help execute this digital-first strategy. Paramount to their strategy, The Abbi Agency was also able to use Cision to monitor's Domain Authority to track and prove that it was increasing.