Cision Insights Case Study

The Power of Data to Stop a Crisis in Its Path

In today’s always-on social media landscape, consumers have no problem voicing their frustrations with brands online – a lesson the airline industry recently learned the hard way. When consumers took to Twitter to air their grievances about their travel experiences, the ensuing media coverage about airport chaos sent brands like Lufthansa, Qantas, and Delta into a tailspin. What happened next was a lesson in crisis communications done right.

Watch the video to see how some of the airline industry’s biggest brands used consumer data-driven insights to turn a potential crisis into a brand communications opportunity.

Cision Insights Expert on Helping Airlines Shape Their Story

"I'm Gina Logan and I'm a Solutions Engineer on Cision's Solutions Strategy and Consulting team. 

"I worked as Insights Lead on the airline project providing data and strategic intelligence, looking at the top brands in the sector for key findings around where users are airing grievances, how the media is covering it, and what airlines are doing about it.

"One of my big takeaways from this research is that customers value communication above all. Even amid frustrating cancellations and delays, users praised the airlines that kept them abreast of developments."

Gina Logan, Solutions Engineer



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