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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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AI and the Future of Comms Teams 

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Artificial Intelligence has been shaping how we work for some time, but the emergence of ChatGPT and generative AI in 2023 has cast a spotlight on creative industries, and the world of comms. Though we’ve seen plenty of fearmongering and dystopian predictions, if harnessed correctly AI has the power to help communicators do their jobs even better, marrying technology with human guidance to maintain the all-important ‘Relationship’ in PR.

But how will the future comms team be transformed by AI? This webinar will seek to answer that question, bringing in key insights from across Cision for a lively discussion on where AI is taking comms teams. Talking points include:

  • What change in skills/AI literacy will be required from comms teams?
  • Where does Cision sit in this space and how is AI being deployed for the benefit of comms teams?
  • What does AI mean for the next generation moving into the workforce?


Meet the Speakers

Antony Cousins headshot
Antony Cousins
Executive Director of AI Strategy
Chelsea Mirkin headshot
Chelsea Mirkin
SVP Insights Consulting
Alistair Wheate headshot
Alistair Wheate
Senior Solution Strategist
Joseph Rhoton headshot
Joseph Rhoton
Senior Strategy Director
PR Newswire
Shibani Joshi headshot
Shibani Joshi
National Technology Journalist
Lecturer and Professional Speaker