October 07, 2011 / by Lauren Bigge

A year ago, comfort food and decorating were hot editorial trends in magazines. This year, content about eating well and the battle against aging grace the pages of women’s magazines.

Leading the trend for fall is Good Housekeeping with its September issue devoted to anti-aging, followed by Family Circle, Ladies’ Home Journal, Prevention and Marie Claire, all of which featured content on the battle against aging. Good Housekeeping’s September features include dressing to be chic at every age and simple things one can do to feel young and healthy, while Family Circle’s October feature provides information from doctors on how to fight aging with cleansing tips and product advice. Ladies’ Home Journal offer suggestions on regaining youth in body, diet, brain and spirit, while Prevention challenges readers to Defy your Age. Adding to this repertoire of anti-aging stories is Marie Claire’s strategies on how to turn back time and regain youth and health. “Our readers are definitely interested in hearing the latest advances in anti-aging products and technology,” said Erin Flaherty, executive beauty editor of Marie Claire, in an email interview. One reason the fight against aging is such a popular topic among young women is the attention celebrities receive for their anti-aging techniques, noted Flaherty.

Flaherty’s sentiments seem indicative of how other magazine editors are thinking. These magazines are running age-fighting content at a time when defying age has almost become an obsession. “A lot of times, about age 35, women don’t feel well, they don’t sleep well, they become weight loss-resistant, they start to have irregular menstrual periods,” said Dr. Lynese Lawson, medical director of Proactive Wellness Centers PLC in Vienna, Va. “They just don’t have the overall sense of well-being that they once had. People are starting to be more pro-active about doing something about how they feel. They really want to do what they can to optimize their health, and optimize their wellness, so that when they’re in their 50s, 60s and 70s, they’re healthy, they’re vibrant – they still have good cognitive function … True anti-aging is not just cosmetic procedures; it’s really about optimizing your overall health, looking for any deficiencies or imbalances that are happening internally.”

Magazine content this fall continues to support Dr. Lawson’s perspective. Good Housekeeping highlighted the relationship between food, aging, and heart health with an anti-aging diet and age-defying meals. Woman’s Day includes foods one should consume to help with health problems, while Women’s Health focuses on heart health and living longer through changes to diet and physical activity. “We ran this story in September as a way of digesting for our readers several new heart health data and studies,” said Sascha de Gersdorff, health editor of Women’s Health, via email.

Whether it’s through beauty products, dressing differently or health food and diet, defying time’s effects on the body has obviously become a popular trend for women’s magazines to cover. For those with the latest anti-wrinkle cream or anti-aging diet tip, now is the time to make your pitch.

–Lauren Bigge

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