Nov 27, 2012 / by Teresa Dankowski

Photo courtesy of philcampbell via flickr

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you love social media. But do you know someone who love-loves social media? Networking sites open on every browser tab, apps open on every mobile device, poised to update, live-tweet or plus-one at a conference, on public transportation or over a romantic dinner?

Well, bad news is, there probably isn’t a cure for this. The good news, there seems to be an abundance of gift ideas for social media obsessives that fall just short of a support group! Hey, and if that “someone you know” person is you? Yeah, I won’t tell…

Facebook. It’s not hard to find Facebook obsessives among its 800 million active users. But if you know someone who uses “Likes” as a noun, this Like/Dislike Stamp Set could be a good investment. Or have you ever busted a friend or family member for posting a status update from, um, the bathroom? Then this Social Media Shower Curtain might be unavoidable. Of course, real Facebook fanatics probably do their shopping via Facebook Gifts. I hear they have iTunes now

Twitter. What do you get your favorite tweeps? Tweeple? Tworget it. While Twitter’s new-ish API rules can make it confusing to figure out which apps and accessories are available for gifting, you can still find Fail Whale art in every corner of the Internet. How about a customized Twitter Name Necklace to advertise a personal or brand handle? When all else fail-whales, maybe you can scour an online bidding site for an unopened bottle of Fledgling, Twitter’s former house brand of wine. Or convince a Twitter obsessive to give the gift that keeps on giving—naming a child Hashtag!

Instagram. With high-contrast filters and the power to retro-ize every frame, it’s easy to see why people who don’t necessarily self-identify as photographers have taken a liking to Instagram. Thankfully there are many ways to preserve an Instagram obsessive’s snapshot collection of places, foods and attention-seeking pets. You can immortalize a photograph as wall-hanging art with CanvasPop and Instacanvas, or try your hand at making a photobook with sites like Blurb and Printstagram. If you start now, the Instagram obsessive’s house can look like 1977 in time for New Year’s!

The cult of Google/Android and Apple/iPhone/iPad. There’s no dearth of products representing a fanboy or fangirl’s love for these often-polarized camps. Yet even with Google’s omnipresence, I was half-surprised to learn the Internet giant sells branded argyle socks, neon lights, skateboarding pads and an Android cookie jar. And even with the Apple-induced market-demand (and saturation) for accessories for the iFamily’s menagerie of accessories, I still got a kick out of this Wonka Bar iPhone Case and 8-Bit Tablet Sleeve. Mobile nerds, rejoice!

Everyone else. Did I omit “your friend’s” obsession? Try an online craft vendor, like Craftsquatch on Etsy, for a pillow to rest a social media obsessive’s weary head. No love for the analytics nerds? There’s always My Life In Graphs. Need a gift for someone obsessed with social media influencers? Cision’s got your Influencer List covered. (I couldn’t resist.) The best part of our ever-expansive World of Wide Web is that there’s always room—and gifts—for social media weirdos like us. And the first step is admittance.


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