Vocus PAC Software Most Widely Used for Third Straight Year

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Guest Post by Mark Reilly, Director of Sales and Services, Vocus GR and PAC Software

Vocus - PAC SoftwareIn 2013, Top 2000 Corporate, Association and Member Organization PACs trusted Vocus PAC software more than any other software to file their PAC reports with Federal Elections Commission (FEC). It marks the third straight year that Vocus PAC software has been the most widely used vendor software.

The same holds true for the Top 500, and Top 1000 PACs.

Bottom line, no matter the size of the PAC, more PAC Managers trusted Vocus to file their timely FEC PAC reports in 2013 than any other vendor software.

PACs, FEC?  Let’s define some terms.

(Note:  Skip the next paragraph if you are a PAC Manager, Stephen Colbert or work for the FEC! Otherwise, read on.)

A PAC or Political Action Committee, according to Wikipedia, is “any organization in the United States that campaigns for or against political candidates, ballot initiatives or legislation.”

In other words, PACs are the organizations created by people running for office to collect and spend money on an election, or by people who want to pool their resources (employees of business, members of a labor union, professional society, etc.) to collect and spend money on an election. The FEC divides PACs into distinct groups, “Candidate Campaign Committees” are for the politicians and “Qualified PACs” are for established corporate and member organization PACs.

What about Stephen Colbert and SuperPACs?  SuperPACs are not allowed to give to Candidate Campaign Committees (people running for office) and while the top SuperPACs are enormous, their total dollars spent is still smaller than the Qualified PACs when viewed in the context of Congressional races. SuperPACs generally focus on Presidential Campaigns. Vocus’ research is focused on the largest group of PACs that file with the FEC, Qualified and Non-Qualified PACs.

Got it? In summary, Vocus looked at the PACs that give money to candidate committees (the people running for office) at the Congressional level and using publicly available data from the FEC compiled the following breakdown of what software packages were used to file with the FEC by the largest (by amount of money they raised in 2013) corporate, association, union, non-profit and member-based organizations PACs.

Click here to download the Notes and Methodology.

Click here to see a PDF of the top 2000 PACs.

The Top 500

Of the Top 500 PACs that filed with the FEC in 2013 by amount of money raised, Vocus is used by 138 of the largest PACs or 28 percent. Vocus is used more often than even the free FEC FECfile software by the largest PACs, demonstrating that Vocus is the preferred software package for the largest PACs.  Vocus commands an even larger share of the Top 500 PACs than the next two software vendors (DDC Advocacy and Aristotle) combined.


Top 1000 PACs

Let’s double the sample size and look at the top 1000 PACs.

Of the Top 1000 PACs, Vocus is almost twice as large at 23 percent as any other software vendor. Only the free FEC FECfile software is used more than Vocus to file with FEC.

Top 1000 PACs

Top 2000 PACs

If we double the sample size to the Top 2000 PACs, Vocus is twice as large at 18 percent as the next two closest competitors – DDC Advocacy (9 percent) and Aristotle (8 percent) – combined.

Top 2000 PACs

So why do corporate and association PACs use Vocus to file with FEC more than any other vendor?

Here are five reasons.

1.         Experience: Vocus has provided more than 20 years of trusted service to the PAC industry, longer than any other player in the market.

2.         Dependable: Vocus software provides the best software performance and gets PAC reports filed on-time, every time.

3.         Support: Vocus PAC Management Software offers free “All You Can Eat” PAC Software Technical Support, allowing you to get solutions any time between 8:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. EST. Wait times average under 17 seconds, and a Vocus employee with 4+ years of technical support experience will answer the phone.  We don’t hire-fire every election cycle like some companies and our staff only supports the Vocus PAC and GR software platform, not multiple software packages.

3.         Comprehensive: Vocus PAC Management is a robust suite of tools designed for all types of qualified PACs from single state filers to larger organizations who file with the FEC and 20+ states. Our software is for the PAC Manager who wants powerful on-demand software with 24/7 access to their data in real-time, right now.

4.         Well-Seasoned Staff: Like a fine wine, our current client support and professional services staff get better with age. Our 10 client service staff has worked for Vocus on average 6.5 years each. Our Account Managers have an average of 9 years working at Vocus. In other words, we know the industry and our software.

5.         A 360-Degree View of PAC Donors: Vocus offers a single integrated GR/PAC eCRM that lets Administrators view PAC donors and grassroots supporters in a single PAC/Government Relations software system. With Vocus, you don’t have to jump from a software for PAC, a different one for Grassroots and yet another for Government Relations.

If you are a current client and have your own reason why you choose Vocus, please let us know at pac@vocus.com.

Not a Vocus customer yet? Request a demo here and let us show you why more top PACs use Vocus than any other vendor.

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