April 03, 2015 / by Laura Botham

Looking for work is never fun, and it’s certainly not easy. If it’s been a while since you’ve gotten out there and looked, it’s especially difficult. The evolution of social media and technology has been swift, and the effect it has had on how we communicate with each other both personally and professionally has been even faster. Gone are the days of showing up with your resume in hand for a face-to-face interview. We are now in an age of digital self-marketing.

For job-seekers that are just re-entering the market, or those that simply need some inspiration and advice, there are a number of resources available for networking and promoting resumes and finding job postings. Although sites like Monster.com, Indeed and LinkedIn got their start by offering services like these, The Muse began with content first.

“We’ve been doing content since we started as The Daily Muse in 2011, meaning that any career question you have or career decision you have to make, we probably have an article on it,” Adrian Granzella Larssen, editor in chief of The Muse, said. “We quickly realized that there was a huge opportunity to connect the smart, ambitious people who were coming to our site for career advice with amazing companies that want to hire them.”

Originally intended for young female job-seekers, The Daily Muse soon became a go-to for a much wider demographic with a more dynamic set of needs. Co-founders Alex Cavoulacos, Kathryn Minshew and Melissa McCreery landed a spot in the Y Combinator startup program and built their vision offering in-depth company profiles, job boards and educational opportunities. Re-launching as The Muse brought the focus on finding and fostering careers, not just jobs.

“The Muse is (now) an online career destination that helps people figure out what they want to do with their lives and succeed once they get there. We do that by profiling amazing companies, their people and their job openings; offering career-boosting online classes and resources; and publishing content by a network of career experts,” Granzella Larsen said.

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She recognizes that The Muse captures their audience with content first, whether through Google keyword searches or Facebook interactions, but that they then often explore other components of the site. “It’s interesting – often the people who find us aren’t necessarily actively looking for a job, but then they stumble across a company that just seems perfect for them, and then they start thinking about what might make them happier and more excited about work.”

The site offers profiles of companies of all types, from giants such as Uber and The NFL to smaller startups like Nitro and FishBowl, which provide a peek into the office space, company culture and employees. Granzella Larsen attributes the need for this to current job market and explains, “Both companies and job seekers are more concerned than ever before about finding the right culture fit. For companies, it’s not just about whether an applicant has the skills to do the job – you have to be someone who will really fit in with the team and thrive there.”

She added, “For applicants, it’s not just about a big company with great benefits or a startup with a ping-pong table – people want to know that this place will make them happy. It certainly makes it more challenging for both people and companies to find the right fit, but in the long run it’s such a good thing.”

Granzella Larsen notes that the audience ranges in diversity – from college students just starting out, to established professionals looking for a change or a better fit. The key to maintaining current and relevant advice and directives is quality material supplied by those in the field. “Great content that’s written by people who really have an understanding of the modern job market is such a huge benefit for job seekers,” she said.

“It can be pretty disheartening spending hours and hours combing through job boards. We hear often from our audience that reading advice from experts or others who have been there before is really encouraging throughout the process.”

Not only can it be disheartening, but it can also be lonely, especially if you have been out of the workforce for a while. The Muse offers a destination and community of job seekers, which brightens up the journey.

“Our mission is to make the job search a lot less painful and a lot more fun. We truly believe everyone can and should love their jobs and be successful at them, and our whole team is really passionate about connecting great people with great jobs.”

Pitching Tips

“We often don’t cover specific products, companies, or people. But we’re looking for great career experts and guest writers, and all the details on pitching a writer or story idea can be found on The Muse’s contributor’s page,” she said.

Send Granzella Larssen personal stories and pitches on fresh takes on career content.

“No one needs another article on ‘5 Amazing Resume Tips,’” she said. “A piece on ‘How I Went From 0 Interviews to 3 Offers in a Month’ was a recent fave. I often tell writers to follow our Facebook page, keep track of what’s getting a lot of likes and shares and pitch something that takes those story ideas in a new direction. If people are really loving it, we’re probably looking to do more of it.”

Photo courtesy of Adrian Granzella Larssen

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