Mar 28, 2016 / by Adelle Archer

At TrendKite, we believe great technology is human. It doesn’t force you to live in a world of dashboards, agents, queries, and Boolean, but rather it speaks the language you speak: competitors, products, executives, industries. Today marks a small step towards TrendKite building a more human technology with the release of Suggestions.


Suggestions are select companies, industries, and products, with knowledge behind them to lessen the burden of writing in complex, technical search languages. Unlike traditional monitoring where you always write out IF, AND, NOT statements to hone in on coverage, Suggestions allow you to simply select a concept and the logic will be pre-built for you.


By way of illustration, perhaps Apple recently launched a new product that competes with you. You’ll want to monitor the market’s reception of this new product, and also add Apple as a competitor that you closely monitor to determine if they are making further inroads into your industry.


Traditional media monitoring requires you to write out a complex string of logic to truly monitor Apple (the brand) and eliminate coverage on food, pies, celebrity children, and all the other Apple-centric things in the world. These things aren’t relevant to monitoring the brand Apple, and if they are included in your search, then they’ll actually inflate metrics and provide an inaccurate picture of reality. For example, Apple’s Share of Voice will appear much higher if you haven’t eliminated content related to apple fruit mentions.


While this logic string is powerful, it can get complicated quite quickly, so traditional media monitoring platforms often encourage you to lean on their experts to do it for you - who speak the programming language the machine speaks, and make it find what you’re looking for.


With Suggestions, we begin to remove some of that complexity for you, so you can simply tell your technology - “I’d like to monitor the company Apple,” and get a good first pass at what you are looking for. You may want to fine-tune those results based on what you are specifically looking for, but it’s a step in the direction of making the technology operate more in your world.


Here’s what to expect with Suggestions:

  • Initial concepts include popular companies, industries, products, executives, and crises.
  • Logic behind these terms are built and certified by TrendKite experts.
  • The pool of pre-built Suggestions will continue to grow.
  • Organize your own searches by these same relatable categories.

At TrendKite we believe technology shouldn’t create boundaries between PR managers and what they are trying to accomplish. Rather it should erase old boundaries, and augment the  PR team's ability to execute effectively.


Curious to learn more about how we are disrupting the PR industry? Get in touch, and discover why brands like Nike, Campbell Soup, and Squarespace stand behind us.


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