5 Types of Social Media Shares (and How Often to Post Them)

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When it comes to a successful social media campaign, diversity is key. That means that rather than posting promotional update after promotional update, it’s important to share different types of shares so you appeal to a wide range of people with various interests.

Here are the best types of social media shares to add to your mix.

1. The Useful Content Share

This type of update keeps your audience in mind (actually, all updates should!). This content isn’t from your own blog (we’ll get to that), but is of value to your follower base. If you sell holistic health products, it could be a post about the dangers of melatonin or how to make a green smoothie. Ultimately, it’s an article or blog post that dives into topics that your core audience cares about.

What’s the right mix? This should be a pretty substantial component of your social media content, up to 45 percent or so.

2. Your Content Share


Now we get into the content that your brand publishes. It’ll still be — should be, anyway — valuable to your readers. Your goal here is to drive traffic to your blog, so give people tidbits of what they’ll find in that article, such as a statistic, teaser about what they’ll learn, or a quote.

What’s the right mix? This will depend on how frequently you publish content, but aim for about 15-25 percent of your overall social updates. Schedule one article multiple times to maximize who sees it.

3. Company Promotions

Social media gives you a great opportunity to drive sales on your site through promotions. Make them unique (you’re not plastering that same promotion across all your sales channels) so people have incentive to follow you to access them.

What’s the right mix? About 20-25 percent of your shares can be promotional. Pay attention to conversion metrics to find the right balance.

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4. One-on-One Conversation

Because social media fosters conversations so well, it’s important to get those into the mix. That conversation might be something as light as a “thanks for sharing our post!” or more in-depth discussion about your industry. Monitor what people are saying about your brand and respond promptly.

What’s the right mix? Again, this will depend on how often people are commenting on your brand or talking directly to you, but aim for it to take up about 5-10 percent of your efforts.

5. Company News


Got exciting news to share with your social followers? By all means, link to a press release, share a video or just spread the good word. Just make sure you can answer the question your followers will have: “what’s in it for me?”

What’s the right mix? This should be the least of your updates. Yes, they’re essential, but shouldn’t make up more than 5 percent of your overall shares.

By diversifying your social media shares, you’ll provide more value in different ways to your audience.


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