Behind the Headlines With Oshi Jauco

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Oshi headshotYour audience’s attention span is now just eight seconds. That means you need to get your brand’s message across quicker and ensure it makes an impression. But how?

Oshi Jauco, group account director at AMF Media Group, says to create effective communication, you need to first understand your audience’s needs.

In this interview, Oshi discusses the role of social media in brand communication, the challenges of building and maintaining your brand and why brands need to be more creative and innovative to capture audience attention.

What do you hope to accomplish in your new role as group account director at AMF Media Group?

My goal is to make sure we deliver projects to clients on message, on time and on budget.

How do you tailor a marketing strategy to a business? What’s involved in that process?

I first ask a business, “what does success looks like?” It is important to know their expectations up front. Then develop a strategy that meets those expectations and then some.

What role does social media play in your job? What benefits does it provide for businesses’ marketing strategies?

Social media is an integral part of my job. Every campaign we create we evaluate how well the campaign will do on social media. Social media is a tool that connects brands to segmented markets in a smarter, faster way.

What are the biggest marketing communication mistakes brands make?


I think most marketers confuse brand building with brand maintenance. They think it is one or the other. The truth is, you need both. Building a brand and maintaining a brand is a continuous, incremental process, and it doesn’t end after one campaign or even the next.

You have more than 20 years of experience in marketing. How has the industry changed since you started?

The industry now is more creative and innovative because people’s attention span has changed. We are challenged every day to get brand messages across quicker and leave a lasting impression.

How do you envision the future of marketing?

DIY: Do-It-Yourself marketing. There are easy-to-use marketing tools available for anyone to become their own marketing expert. They find out quickly that the “DIY marketing model” is great at first, but not sustainable.


What advice do you have for someone looking to begin a career in marketing?

Marketing moves quickly, and it isn’t just about being creative all the time with humor, pretty colors and captivating images. You need to be prepared to think strategically and understand the needs of your target audience to be truly effective.

Rapid Fire Round

1. My biggest pet peeve is…when people don’t think before they speak.

2. One thing most people don’t know about me is…I can’t swim.

3. If I was stuck on a desert island, I’d…die of sheer boredom.

4. My guiltiest pleasure is…watching rom coms. I am a sucker for romance.

5. My hobbies outside of work include…finding a hobby I like outside of work.

6. The thing that gets me up in the morning is…knowing that today is a new day.


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