Jun 03, 2016 / by Katie Gaab

Practically every brand has a social media presence. So why are 45 percent of marketers unable to demonstrate social’s impact on a qualitative or quantitative level?

Social media is more than an array of communication platforms. It’s a tool that helps stakeholders understand their customers, generate leads and track their brand’s pulse. In order to gain that knowledge and shape future campaigns, measurement is key.

Before you get started, ensure you’ve addressed these three fundamental pieces of the social ROI puzzle.

1. Goals


Your brand won’t advance beyond square one if it doesn’t add structure to its social journey.

Sit down with each department to determine what to focus on and how that team’s goals impacts the company’s bottom line. Conversion-based goals, like completed contact forms and clicked links, are typically associated with sales and marketing, whereas engagement goals, like response time and tone of voice, will be beneficial to client services.

Once you’ve determined these, look at your social strategy as a whole. Social is constantly changing, which means your goals should evolve alongside it. Make your goals as specific as possible, but also expect to make changes to them once you start measuring and understanding your ROI.

2. Platforms

Your brand’s messaging won’t reach your target audience if you’re using the wrong platforms. Research your audiences to decide which platforms to use and how to include them in your social strategy.

By understanding where your audiences are, how they’re using social and who they’re engaging with, you’ll make more informed choices about where your brand spends its time and resources.

Maintain audience loyalty and trust by frequently reassessing if you’re still on the preferred platforms. For example, retail or entertainment brands may want to turn to one of the social newbies like Periscope or Snapchat whereas established brands may want to simply reevaluate their Facebook campaigns.

3. Technology


Your brand won’t get a comprehensive understanding of its social activity if it has to compare and contrast data sets. In fact, over two-thirds of marketers aren’t getting the definitive answers they need because they rely on an average of three tools.

Simplify an already complicated process by investing in an integrated  tool that combines every step of your social strategy in one place.

With an intuitive tool like Cision’s, you’ll be able to monitor the millions of tweets, Facebook likes, Instagram comments and other social engagement actions in real time. Additionally, the ability to identify trends, view sentiment and schedule detailed reports will allow your brand to speed by competitors still relying on manpower and multiple tools.

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