13 Ways PR Analytics Can Increase Your Productivity

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Productive.jpgAs readers of this blog know, we’re big fans of data. Our experience has proven that it is the key to executive level engagement, continued investment in PR, and positive business results. Today we’d like to hone in on one curtail advantage of PR analytics, making you more productive. After all, you are one of the most important assets in your company. Anything that helps you do more with your time and budget is gold.

With advanced and accessible PR analytics you become more productive because you can:

1. Concentrate outreach on the right media contacts

You may have a media list as long as your arm, but it is likely that a few key contacts really get you the most bang for your buck. PR analytics can show you exactly who they are so that you spend your time building relationships with contacts who can actually move the needle.

2. Target the key influencers

There are likely thought leaders and influencers in your space who may not be journalists, but may have even more pull with your audience. With the right data, you can identify the folks that persuade your potential buyers and reach out to engage them without scouring the internet yourself.

3. Spend time on the most impactful activities

What really matters in PR is business results. PR analysis is the only way to discover which activities, campaigns, and outreach efforts lead to tangible business outcomes. When you find them, you can do them more and curtail less successful efforts.

4. Automate reputation monitoring

Reputation management is a key PR responsibility in these days of online reviews and ratings. Watching every possible site for negative comments is a chore. The best PR analytics solutions automate this task, making it easy for you to take action when needed without so much manual effort.

5. Respond to opportunities quickly

Sometimes something happens in the news or in your industry that creates a prime opportunity for you to get coverage or join an important conversation. Reacting late takes more time and effort than jumping on it in the moment.

6. Eliminate tedious reporting tasks

Every moment you spend working on a PR report is a moment that you aren’t doing PR. PR analytics software not only saves you from this monotonous work, it also makes it easy for you to share more in-depth, sophisticated, and useful information in real-time.

7. Write more effective pitches, not just more

The more closely you can align each pitch with the interests, audiences, and publications of media contacts, the more effective they will be. Rather than writing pitch after pitch and seeing what sticks, you can hone in on exactly what will appeal to each reporter.

8. Create the best type of content for every channel

Do your infographics get more engagement on Twitter than your videos? Does your LinkedIn audience go crazy for a white paper? PR analytics will tell you so that you can match the asset with the channel.

9. Get a bigger budget

We bet you could be more productive if you had more money to spend. The way to get it is to prove the ROI of PR and demonstrate to executives that increasing spend will improve the business results they care about most.

10. Gain instant insight about the competition

Crafting a plan to respond to and beat the competition can be a challenge if you don’t understand exactly what they are up to and what is working well for them. The best PR analytics solutions make it easy to keep track of your biggest competitors without manual monitoring.

11. Focus your social media efforts

There are so many social media channels these days that it is hard to effectively manage them all. Maybe you don’t have too. You don’t have to have a presence on Instagram just because it exists. Use PR analytics to determine which channels are the most important for your brand and focus your efforts there.

12. De-clutter your inbox

If you suffer from inbox overload syndrome, then PR analytics is right for you. Choose what kind of notifications you want to receive and when, always knowing that you can go to your analytics portal whenever you like to get the latest updates.

13. Make faster decisions

Nothing is less productive than endless discussions about what to do. With the right data, decision making becomes easy and you can spend more time executing your strategy than arguing about it.

If you want to be more productive, skip the third cup of coffee and try taking advantage of PR analyitcs instead.

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