Jun 29, 2018 / by Erik Huddleston

Welcome to Digital PR

Today, I’m excited to announce that we’ve merged with two amazing organizations, Union Metrics and Insightpool! Here at TrendKite, we’ve spent the past few years redefining what PR and Communications solutions should look like as earned media digitally converges with paid, owned, and shared media.


In order to do that, we have to continue expanding our capabilities. One of the best ways to do that, in my experience, is to join up with companies who share your mission, ethics, and vision. And we couldn’t have found two better organizations to help us build out our or vision for Digital PR than Union Metrics and Insightpool.  As they join the TrendKite family, we’re redefining what Marketing and Communications professionals can expect.


I’m sure you’re wondering what that future looks like for TrendKite, so let's start with where we are today.  It’s no secret that there’s a crisis of trust today across all institutions. Media consumers tuning out and blocking paid media while social ad units are skyrocketing in cost.  With the true scope of bots and “sockpuppets” coming to light, media consumers are also questioning the transparency and credibility of owned and shared media. But earned media created by journalists and influencers, despite the noise of “fake news” in politics, is one of the few areas where trust is not eroding because third-party validation still brings credibility.


As a Marketing or Communications professional, that’s not news, that is your daily life. In a digital-first world, PR must also be digital. That is hard.  The job of communications is growing in complexity and the tools they have traditionally used were built in, and designed for, an analog era. Journalism is undergoing a dramatic change and now social influencers are just as important as traditional journalists.  However, managing the relationships with those influencers is hard, with hundreds of millions of influencers targeting ever more niche audiences. Insightpool is the world’s most robust influencer database with more than 700 million global influencers across more than 100 social networks with campaign management and CRM capabilities purpose-built for the complexity of influencer management.  The media contact databases found in traditional communication clouds are fundamentally ill-suited to this task.

InsightPool Union Metrics TrendKite


As we know, a story may be created by a Wall Street Journal or Financial Times article, but that story is shaped and amplified long after the publish date on social platforms.  TrendKite has been working with Union Metrics, a Twitter Official Partner and pioneer in the space of social analytics, for some time. As the relationship and the integration between companies and products became deeper, so did the compelling case for this announcement.


TrendKite’s Intelligent Communications Platform was created in reaction to the disruptive force of digital we have experienced in PR and communications.  Digital PR leverages trust across the media mix, using AI-powered media analytics and journalist outreach, social analytics and influencer management. Most communication clouds were formed from the acquisition of the traditional communications tools from the analog era to make vendor management easier in our profession.  To build for the future of Digital PR, TrendKite, Insightpool, and Union Metrics are combining to deliver the first intelligent, digital-first solution for Marketing and Communications professionals.


What does that mean for you?  It means that as a TrendKite customer, you’re about to experience a whole new class of technology to make your job, department, and our industry evolve in ways you’ve yet to imagine.  


Get excited. We are.


Erik Huddleston, CEO, TrendKite

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About Erik Huddleston

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