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Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert and New York Times bestselling author created the Modern Communicator Video Series to explain how new technology and skills can help you become a modern communicator. 

Modern communicators follow the TEAM model:

  • Targeted — No more “all coverage is good coverage.” The modern communicator cares about earned attention only in the places and among the people where it moves the needle.
  • Evolved — No more going it alone. Today’s modern communicator works side by side with brand, digital, lead gen, CX and other functions as part of a holistic approach.
  • Agile — No more super long lead times. The modern communicator knows that earned attention is accrued at the speed of a tweet, and modifies his or her approach and can launch and/or modify initiatives in real-time, using advanced listening technology as a guide.
  • Measured — Advertising (and more recently, digital) grabbed the preponderance of budget because it told a better measurement story in the boardroom. No more. The modern communicator uses advanced tracking to determine and report on exactly who is influenced by earned attention — especially online — and can demonstrate the true bottom-line impact, just like peers in other marketing and comms disciplines.

The fourth video in the series is Agile. Watch the video, or read the transcript, below to learn how you can refine your strategy to better define an audinece and target the right influencers. And you can watch the entire video series by clicking here. Be sure to check back in with the Cision blog every Tuesday to find the latest video.

Jay Baer: Hi I’m Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert, and this is the Modern Communicators video series, from Cision.

Today there are six times more PR people than journalists, as the ranks of the working press have been decimated by revenue declines and subsequent layoffs. Millions of influencers – with disparate experience and expertise and widely varying audience sizes – have stepped into the breach, serving the information dissemination role that was once the exclusive property of “real” media.

The carrier of many messages has shifted from professional press to citizen influencers, and this has correspondingly forever changed the time horizon of communications.

The need to develop far-reaching communications strategies rooted in the pitching of long lead media has been significantly mitigated. When online journalists and influencers can find a source du jour in seconds using search engines and social media, the functions of staying top of mind and placing coverage are much, much different than they once were.

Today, the Modern Communicator must move as quickly as the influencers she or he is trying to court.

Modern Communications is all about TEAM, and the A in the acronym stands for Agile.

Like never before, the art of the pitch requires data, and it requires speed. One of the best ways to be faster and more agile is to be more specific. A scalpel rather than a hammer.

Cision technology allows Modern Communicators to create a complete mapping between influencers, content, and their audiences. Instead of starting with a list of journalists, the Modern Communicator begins with a list of ideal customers, and then works backwards to find who influences them, and applies AI and machine learning to identify who influences those influencers. It takes the entire pitch process and turns it upside down.

Armed with this idealized list, the Modern Communicator can monitor for openings, jumping on coverage opportunities instantly. That’s agile, in action.

Want to learn more about how to be a Modern Communicator? Watch the next video, about how comms must be more measured. 

I’m Jay Baer from Convince & Convert, on behalf of my friends at Cision. Thanks for watching.

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