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Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert and New York Times bestselling author created the Modern Communicator Video Series to explain how new technology and skills can help you become a modern communicator. 

Modern communicators follow the TEAM model:

  • Targeted — No more “all coverage is good coverage.” The modern communicator cares about earned attention only in the places and among the people where it moves the needle.
  • Evolved — No more going it alone. Today’s modern communicator works side by side with brand, digital, lead gen, CX and other functions as part of a holistic approach.
  • Agile — No more super long lead times. The modern communicator knows that earned attention is accrued at the speed of a tweet, and modifies his or her approach and can launch and/or modify initiatives in real-time, using advanced listening technology as a guide.
  • Measured — Advertising (and more recently, digital) grabbed the preponderance of budget because it told a better measurement story in the boardroom. No more. The modern communicator uses advanced tracking to determine and report on exactly who is influenced by earned attention — especially online — and can demonstrate the true bottom-line impact, just like peers in other marketing and comms disciplines.

The fifth and final video in this series is Measured. Watch the video, or read the transcript, below to learn how you can refine your strategy to better define an audience and target the right influencers. And you can watch the entire video series by clicking here

Jay Baer: Since the initial rise of digital marketing in the mid-90s, communications — and communicators — have largely been contained in a narrow box of responsibility. “Do some of that public relations” or “Go get us some media coverage” or perhaps “Handle this crisis” from time to time. Those have been the assignments.

This truncating of the role of communications, away from its historical, strategic beginnings to a specific and often short-sighted focus on media relations was partially a natural consequence of a very real mathematical inequity.

For the past 20 years, the marketing function has gotten steadily more measurable and rooted in mathematics and the scientific method, while over the same period, communications’ ability to use data to optimize activities and prove value remained mostly unchanged.

This must end, right now. The Modern Communicator is all about TEAM, and the M in that acronym stands for measured.

The time is right for this transformation to occur because we can now use powerful technology from Cision to track the precise outcomes of each and every earned media initiative. No more having to use impressions or reach — or even sentiment — as a proof of value, knowing full well that — at best — those metrics do not tie to revenue.

Now, the Modern Communicator uses robust tracking data to study and report out to the business exactly how many people clicked, visited, bought, or otherwise did something desirable, and specifically which earned media efforts created those high-value behaviors. Did an unknown influencer share a post from a known influencer, creating a ripple that resulted in 75 new leads? That type of analytical granularity — long enjoyed by marketers — is now available to the modern communicator.

And wise practitioners will take full advantage. After all, whoever controls the scoreboard, controls the budget. And as long as paid and owned media have more sophisticated measurement capabilities, comms will always eat last.

For decades, there wasn’t a whole lot that could be done about that, as the manifestly non-digital nature of earned media made it nearly impossible to apply mathematical rigor that approached what marketers utilized. But now, there are no more excuses. Not only CAN modern communicators measure the same way their brethren in advertising and marketing do, they MUST do so to create evolved, integrated initiatives.

True measurement with this type of detailed and accurate attribution allows Modern Communicators to demonstrate the full value of their efforts for the first time.

Today comms is all about TEAM.  Targeted. Evolved. Agile. And Measured.

I wish you nothing but the best as you embark on your own modern communicator transformation.

I’m Jay Baer from Convince & Convert, on behalf of my friends at Cision. Thanks for watching.

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