CisionPoint Social Media Release Creates Single Platform for All Media Monitoring and PR Campaign Management

Standard-Setting PR Software Also Integrates Trade Show/Conference Data, Enhanced Mobile Device Support, External Email Tracking, and More

CHICAGO, IL, May 27, 2010   Cision, the leading provider of software, services and tools for the media and public relations industry, today announced the CisionPoint Social Media Release   the first and only PR software that fully integrates in a single solution  traditional  and social media news monitoring with advanced media research, planning, and news distribution capabilities.

Available immediately, the CisionPoint Social Media Release features multiple enhancements to the award-winning CisionPoint platform, including:

  • Integrated, best-in-class social media monitoring and metrics
  • Tens of thousands of global trade show and conference listings, and daily emails that alert PR people to new coverage opportunities
  • Automatic tracking and logging of email correspondence on users  preferred email platforms
  • Instant display of media list updates and changes
  • Mobile device support and real-time news coverage alerts
  • French-language support

 Professional communicators in organizations of all sizes face unrelenting pressure to be more successful and productive,  said Hans Gieskes, group president and chief executive officer of Cision.  The CisionPoint Social Media Release enables our customers to optimally manage a highly complex, global, 24/7 media environment that now includes many millions of social media sites and sources   all through one integrated, easy-to-use PR software solution. 

 With these significant improvements, CisionPoint will continue to meet current and future needs of global communicators better than any other solution,  Mr. Gieskes said.

All Media Monitoring in One Solution

The CisionPoint Social Media Release is the first to integrate in one online platform best-in-class capabilities that enable communicators to create campaign strategies, target the media, distribute information efficiently and effectively, and monitor and analyze coverage and conversation across all media, from print to broadcast to online to social media.

CisionPoint Social Media monitoring

By integrating social media monitoring with CisionPoint s monitoring solutions for print, broadcast and online media, the CisionPoint Social Media Release provides the industry s best and most comprehensive media monitoring solution.

With the new release, clients can access social media monitoring and content directly through CisionPoint. They can track over 100 million blogs, social networking sites, microblogs, online forums, and video- and image-sharing sites   including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Each article includes a full suite of social metrics that can be used in reporting and analysis, such as Comment Count, View Count, Unique Commenters and Twitter Followers. Cision s unique Engagement Score helps quantify the level of interest that readers have in a particular post, enabling CisionPoint users to respond quickly and appropriately to social media conversations.

All monitoring content is delivered in near real-time, and users can receive email alert notifications as new posts appear. In addition, monitoring data can be fed directly into CisionPoint s Analytics application for consolidated reporting, analysis and summaries of all media coverage.

Plus Other Major Enhancements

Trade Show, Conference and New Opportunity Planning Tools. Containing nearly one million media contacts and over 250,000 editorial opportunities, CisionPoint is already the world s most comprehensive source of media information. The CisionPoint Social Media Release expands this best-in-class resource with essential data about tens of thousands of searchable conferences, trade shows and other events, compiled across more than 50 industries. CisionPoint will also send a daily email alert when a new opportunity is added specific to an industry, enabling users to rapidly respond to new publicity opportunities.

Ability to Track and Manage All Email Correspondence. CisionPoint now allows users to track and manage all email correspondence   even communication that occurs outside of CisionPoint and via the users  preferred email applications (including Outlook and Gmail) and mobile devices (like iPhones and BlackBerries). CisionPoint users can view both email history and copies of the correspondence itself   helping PR teams coordinate their communications to individual contacts and outlets.

Instant Display of Media List Updates and Changes. By being able to immediately see updated information when they open a saved media list, CisionPoint users now will immediately know personnel or beat changes at outlets. They ll also have access to new contact information   including email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses, so they can establish new relationships as media changes occur.

Mobile Device Support and Real-Time Coverage Alerts. CisionPoint s email coverage alerts provide real-time updates and can be sorted and grouped in multiple ways according to user preference. Monitoring notification emails and Executive News Briefing emails are now viewable in web browsers for better rendering on a wide variety of mobile devices   allowing users to gain immediate access to news coverage 24/7.

French Language Support. CisionPoint is now available in French, as well as U.S. English, U.K. English, and German.

Learn more about the CisionPoint Social Media Release.

About CisionPoint:
Launched in the United States in October 2007, CisionPoint rapidly became the fastest growing on-demand PR software, with more than 7,000 customers signed in its first 30 months of sales. Cision is currently rolling out CisionPoint as the standard on-demand platform for its customers worldwide, including Fortune 500 corporations, FTSE 250 companies, global public relations firms, non-profit organizations, universities, and small businesses.

Winner of the 2009 CODiE Award for Best Online News Service, CisionPoint has been a CODiE Award finalist five times out of a maximum of six possible selections in its two years of eligibility for the awards, sponsored by the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA). It has been a finalist in four distinct award categories (Best Content Management Solution, Best Online News Service, Best Vertical Market Business Content and Best On-Demand Platform).

About Cision:
Cision is a leading global media intelligence company, serving the complete workflow of today s communications, social media and content marketing professionals. Offering the industry s most comprehensive PR and social software, rich analytics and a Global Insights team, Cision enables clients to improve their marketing and strengthen data-driven decision making. Cision also represents the Gorkana Group, PRWeb, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and iContact brands. Headquartered in Chicago, Cision has over 100,000 customers worldwide and maintains offices in Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Finland and China. For more information, visit or follow @Cision on Twitter.