Cision s Top 50 Food Blogs List Offers Appetizing Data On Tastemakers in Food and Dining Media

CHICAGO, July 9, 2012   Cision, the leading provider of PR software, services and tools for the marketing and public relations industry, today announced enhancements to its 2012 list of Top 50 Food Bloggers in North America.

The list, posted on Cision Blog, is made up of the leading independent bloggers who write about preparing and enjoying food   at home or dining out, from novice to gourmet. Cision researchers created the list based on the Cision Influence Rating, a metric that quantifies contacts  influence in both online and traditional media.

Cision also announced the release of a downloadable briefing book   free and available to all   with detailed outlet and contact information on ten North American food bloggers and traditional journalists, as well as 25 editorial calendar opportunities associated with the food or restaurant industries. This content and more is available to all subscribers to the Cision Media Database.

Top 50 Food Blogs

 Food and dining are compelling topics on their own; yet they also touch many other types of clients,  said Heidi Sullivan, Cision Vice President, Global Media Research.  If you have clients like sustainable agriculture non-profits, appliance or kitchenware makers, or travel and tourism accounts, our Top 50 Food Blogs list offers great insights about reaching out to this community. And the blogs themselves make for fascinating reading even if you re just a foodie who loves to read about food. 

The contact interviews and pitching tips in Cision s Food and Dining Briefing Book stress how essential thorough research   about editorial/audience focus, deadlines, and contact preferences of individual influencers   is to developing good relationships. Food bloggers, like those across all industries, are inundated with pitches and follow-up communications.

Says one food writer:  Think outside the box, beyond stuff that s been done a thousand times over, like one about  the chef who likes to use local farmers and locally grown produce in his restaurant.  

Says another:  Make sure you send us things that our readers would like. It has to be geared toward what we cover. 

 Although most share common preferences and pet peeves, every blogger is unique in some way   whether it s the focus of their blog, deadlines, or how they like to get information,  Sullivan noted.  Information contained in the Cision Media Database help you be most effective in getting coverage for your brand, and building a strong and lasting relationship. 

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