“[Cision] makes it easy to get a comprehensive picture of social media activity at a glance. The design is user-friendly, operates smoothly, and delivers actionable insights and trends quickly.“
Joe Nolan, Director of New Media
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Social Media Monitoring

Listen to the Conversation

Find out what people are saying about your brand, products, industry and competitors across millions of social media platforms and sources. Our social software helps track campaign success, consumer sentiment, brand reputation and emerging market opportunities, so you can meet challenges proactively and make informed decisions.



Social API

Social API

Make Strategic Decisions Using Social Data

Integrate social media data into your processes, dashboards and systems to track campaigns and measure your performance. Use our social software by sharing insights with your team to analyze how you stack up against KPIs and structure future programs.




Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics

Learn What Drives Your Campaigns

Understand the voice of the customer and how social data impacts your business. Our social software can help you understand the themes, topics and trends driving your industry, identify key influencers, and benchmark against the competition—with professional, customizable reporting for your stakeholders.




Social Engagement

Interact Easily and Efficiently

Directly engage with influencers and customers on Twitter and Facebook to share news, resolve issues and maintain loyalty. Use our social software to schedule posts, customize workflow and manage all of your social profiles in one, secure place for seamless communications.