The added human element of our Insights offerings means
we provide unparalleled accuracy and thoroughness through
white glove media reporting and tracking.

Platform Management

A team of specialists work with you to establish your earned media analysis criteria using our advanced brand tracking technology

  • Relevant Content: Insight consultants help you audit content and analysis criteria
  • Clean & Accurate Data: Only relevant content and accurate data will filter into your analysis


Executive Briefings

Our team of analysts work around the clock to deliver integrated daily news and social media briefings around areas of interest that would impact your organization and industry

  • Save Time: Industry experts curate relevant news in an easy-to-access rollup, delivered as often you need it
  • Fully Customized: Cision Mixed Media Briefings are fully customized to your organization and the individuals within


Media Analysis

Hyper-detailed, data-focused media analyses to help you take the guesswork out of your org's integrated media strategy

  • Reputation Analysis: We offer advanced brand and sentiment monitoring on a global scale via the most complete collection of global news, broadcast, social and consumer opinions data
  • Competitive Intelligence: Track your competitors (and your shared targeted audiences)


Research-Based Consulting

Cision consultants use statistical analysis/modeling coupled with human intelligence to help you understand the "why" behind movement in trends with frequent check-ins

  • Deep Dive: We go beyond simple descriptions of charts and graphs; we help you uncover opportunities and mitigate risk
  • Extension of Your Team: We're happy to join you on calls or help you prep for meetings with execs


24/7 Alerts

Unlike automated solutions where the important news can be lost in the noise, we offer near real-time monitoring and cross-channel alerts to help you stay ahead when critical news stories and social media trends hit

  • Curated alerts: Our alerts reach you in near real time
  • Rise Above the Noise: Accurate, timely, and informative alerts are pulled from all of the noise and false positives