Small, Local PR Team Scales for Global
Targeting and Monitoring Needs



Founded in 2016, ReDefining PR is a boutique agency that serves a diverse set of clientele, from mom and pop startups to global organizations. Founder Chris Herbert has more than 20 years’ experience in the public relations industry.


Seeking a user-friendly & high-performing database platform

While ReDefining PR operates out of a single office in Ohio, many of its clients are national and multinational organizations. “Because our clients are global, we are constantly tasked with creating strong media lists for audiences we aren’t always familiar with,” said Herbert. ReDefining PR sought a monitoring and targeting platform that could streamline their processes for higher efficiency across multiple markets.


Using an all-in-one communications platform

ReDefining PR turned to the Cision Comms CloudTM,  a global, cloud-based communications solution to manage editorial coverage and online mentions. “It’s almost impossible to keep up with clippings yourself, especially those that are feeders and are syndicated,” said Herbert. “It’s important to be able to mine and collect that data effectively so we’re able to measure the value of press campaigns and leverage the coverage to support sales efforts.” The agency also taps into Cision’s media database to build hyper-targeted media lists for each of her clients' campaigns.


Building media lists in a pinch

Herbert is impressed by the user-friendly interface of the Cision Comms Cloud. “The navigation of the Cloud platform is incredibly important, and valuable, given our previous experiences with other products,” she said. “Specifically, the keyword function gives me better insight into what reporters are writing about and because of it, I can build specialized media lists.” Herbert is also satisfied with the detailed media contact profiles. “It’s helpful to have social handles and recent articles readily available, especially in more unfamiliar media markets.” In-platform features like email distribution and real-time reporting have made the agency’s workflow easier to manage. “Not needing to email each individual media contact has been a huge time saver,” said Herbert. “Having a platform like Cision Comms Cloud puts us on the same playing field as large agencies who have more resources, budget, and time.” Herbert is also very appreciative of the customer service level she receives with Cision. “I can reach out to my account representative whenever I need some guidance with the platform,” said Herbert. “It makes a big difference to have one point person we can turn to that understands our account needs. It feels like a true partnership.”


Herbert hopes to leverage her use of the Cision Comms Cloud to prospective clients in to demonstrate competitive edge offered by her agency. She also plans to dig deeper into the Comms Cloud’s reporting functions for future client campaigns. “Cision is key to helping me meet my clients’ needs.”