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Drive conservatively in May during National EcoDriving Month

National EcoDriving Month

National EcoDriving Month

When: May 1 – 31

What: According to a Gallup Poll, 80 percent of Americans favor higher fuel efficiency standards, which means people are interested in squeezing more out of their gas. Even with 2009’s sagging global economy, the U.S. led the world in hybrid car sales with over 265,000 sold. But if buying a new car isn’t an option, reducing current fuel consumption is an easy way drivers can lessen the blow to the environment and their wallets. In May, drivers nationwide are challenged to participate in National EcoDriving Month.

Background: National EcoDriving Month is sponsored by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. The initiative urges drivers to save fuel and reduce their carbon footprint through car maintenance and by making changes to the way they drive. This can include keeping a constant speed while on the road and minimizing the use of air conditioning, which can actually lower mileage up to 20 percent.

Story Pitch: Both environmental and automotive groups can encourage and remind people that good maintenance means a happier environment and improved gas mileage. Those with auto safety in mind will want to focus on simple gas saving methods like following posted speed limits.

The Story Hook: An estimated 147 million gallons of gas evaporate annually due to broken and missing gas caps. What’s more, the EPA says that avoiding rapid starts and stops can increase fuel efficiency up to 33 percent. Simple repairs and changes to a driver’s habits can make a huge difference for bank accounts and the environment. What improvements or regular maintenance to an automobile makes the biggest difference in reducing fuel consumption? Consider these questions when making your pitch:

  • Currently 16 states support EcoDrivingUSA. How can more states be urged to join this nationwide effort?
  • How can practicing ecodriving make the roads safer for drivers?
  • How much money do hybrid cars save in gas? Can other engines be just as efficient?
  • How does ecodriving impact the environment overall?

Tips: Be sure to provide the contact information for someone who practices ecodriving and can talk on how the practice has been beneficial. Local environmental awareness groups can speak to the importance of reducing CO2 emissions.


EcoDriving USA
(202) 326-5500

Fuel Clinic
(626) 429-2723
(865) 574-4160

National Automobile Dealers Association
(703) 827-7409

–Researched, compiled & written by Nicholas Testa
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