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Celebrating the PR superhero

Today’s guest blogger is Andrée Beckham, Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations for Cision.

Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman. Captain America.  Not just for comic books anymore.

I’ve been thinking a lot about superheroes lately, and what makes them so spectacular.  I guess to be honest this wonderment around caped crusaders and girls who fly invisible jets started about 6 years ago — right before the birth of my first child.  Sure, the prospect of a new cute, googely baby was pretty cool, but what I couldn’t wait to get my hands on were the “talents” that I’d heard you get after giving birth (ok, to be fair to the men in this equation, perhaps it’s not the giving birth part but rather the just-being-a parent-part that allows you to enter this hall of superdom – think Justice League for parents).

You know what I am talking about. Things that make you say stuff like “I can see what you are doing at all times – I’ve got eyes in the back of my head”,  or the ability to make your arms stretch like rubber, long enough to smack the “goofing around” out of the kids arguing in the back seat of the minivan (Mister Fantastic anyone?) .  

Superhero status – and the associated powers – is not just relegated to the parental realm, but in our everyday work lives as well.  Especially as PR people.  Each day we are asked to leap crises in a single bound.  Mutate the competition that tweeted our poor earnings report.  Use Bat Signals to shine a spotlight on new products.  And sometimes avoid the Kryptonite of a not so great blog post (ok, ok, I hear you – no more superhero references). 

But as I was looking through the program guide for the upcoming PRSA International conference, this notion of PR people acting as everyday heroes seemed even more compelling.  The conference is packed with presentations that highlight the impact of PR:  The United Nations World Food Programme handling crises in Haiti and Chile. McAfee changing the perceptions of internet security with the launch of the “McAfee Global Initiative to Fight Cybercrime”. Tyson Foods creating an influential voice within the cause of hunger.  The Phoenix Veteran Affairs Health Care System increasing the awareness around veterans of the global war on terror.  All of these underscore the force of PR on our society and the unsung hero.  You.

So to continue this tangential thinking of mine — all of this talk about powers, and caped crusaders got us thinking here at Cision about what makes a hero.  Is it that clever and successful pitch made to an impenetrable journalist or engaging with an impactful influencer? Increasing the awareness of a cause? Getting that coveted story placement?  Showing the ROI of a campaign to your boss? Getting Lady Gaga to tweet about  your product. (Sorry Ashton!)

We want to hear.  Share with us your stories of what makes you a PR Superhero.  The funny, the heart wrenching, the good, the bad.  We want to hear it all.

And if you haven’t quite reached that status yet, no worries.  We can help.  Be sure to visit the Cision booth at the PRSA conference to learn how you can become a PR Superhero. And if you can’t make it, well here’s a sneak peek at one of our free PR tools – think of it as your own superhero utility belt.  WonderWoman would be proud.

Share your PR Superhero story on our Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/cision?v=app_6009294086.

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Cision invites PR and marketing professionals to share their best practices and advice with the Cision Blog audience. To share your story, contact blog.us@cision.com

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