Introducing Visible Intelligence, the First Generation Social Intelligence Platform

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Rant or rave, almost everyone is talking about almost everything, or so it seems if you follow Twitter or Facebook, or the millions of blogs and forums and other sources of privately produced but publicly consumed content. These mega-communities, and the ecosystem of tools built on content from them, represent the only en masse way to listen, understand, and interact with current and future customers, the same customers that determine the current and future value of the brands they discuss.  For that reason, companies ignore social media at their peril.  We all know that.

While the potential value of social media is clear, painfully little of that value has been realized.  There’s golden content—hints of the next public relations nightmare, or opinion trends that capture the effectiveness of a current campaign, or countless conversations that offer an opportunity to grow loyalty, for example—but most of that gold is buried too deep for today’s tools to extract.  That’s the dilemma and the frustration: essentially everything you need to know about your brand, product, or service is in there, but you just can’t find it or turn it into a specific decision or a specific action.  Most of us know this as well.

If only…if only tools were BIG enough to contend with an explosion of social media proportions, the 1500% growth in tweets year over year or the 30 terabytes of Facebook content added daily; if only tools were SMART enough to eliminate the noise and organize the insights and provide reliable business intelligence over that ill-formed content; if only these tools were AGILE enough to integrate with other relevant data and systems throughout the enterprise so that decisions and actions could be collectively understood, planned, and integrated.  Together, BIG, SMART and AGILE capture the beginnings of real Social Intelligence.

Today’s launch of V1.0 of our Visible Intelligence platform, Visible Technologies has enabled a first generation of Social Intelligence.  Based on a platform architecture that’s as big as the social Internet that it manages, it was built for businesses compelled to take social media seriously.  It was built for businesses that need software for social media to be as enterprise-ready as their other trusted, critical systems for CRM or BI.  It was built for businesses that intend to drive decisions based on reliable, consistent and measurable analysis of social media.  It was built for businesses that want to stand social media alongside their other customer data and make coordinated decisions.  In short, it was built to raise everyone’s social IQ and to finally deliver a consistent and growing social ROI.

Social media is changing its face every day, but we believe we’ve taken a big step towards turning the rants and raves into lessons and opportunities that make a brand’s destiny a joint effort.  I invite you to visit our website,, and engage us in a conversation about the present and future of social media and what that means to companies across the globe.

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