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PRWeb Top 10 Most Read Press Releases of 2010

Top 10

Tens of thousands of reads: these press releases on achieved exactly that this year so we thought we’d show you how these guys are getting it done in terms of online visibility:

Retired NORAD Officer’s New Book Predicts a Tentative Worldwide UFO Display on October 13, 2010
A topic of controversy for years, this release plays on a story that catches the attention of believers and non-believers alike: UFO sightings.

SimpleCare “Low Cost, High Quality Insurance Schemes Specifically Designed for Over 50s”
Affordable health insurance is a necessity for Americans and this company found a way to offer low cost insurance to the highest-premium paid age group: 50+. Interestingly enough, there is a steady increase in the number of people aged 35-49 online: who wants to bet those 49-ers are searching online to avoid the looming rate increase?

Skyfire Launches Skyfire Browser 2.1 and Passes over 500,000 Users on Android in First Six Weeks
Since the release of Android phones in competition to the almighty iPhone, the alternative has generated a lot of buzz on the internet. A downfall of your precious Apple product? Inability to view flash content. Zing, here comes Skyfire to the Android users rescue and sticks it to the iPhone.

Dating Guru Says Steer Clear of Starcraft 2
Any women out there have a significant other that spends more time on video games than on your relationship? An overwhelming number must, after looking at the staggering number of views on this press release—or this may have caught the attention of a few hopefully now ex-gamers. A relationship expert reveals that excessive video gamers have experienced a steep decline in their happiness and love lives due to lack of socialization with humans and too much interaction with their gaming consoles. Finally, a way for us to get those silly boys away from the screen.

Simon van Kempen Establishes New Social Media Consultancy Company
Celeb gossip is an sure-fire way to gain online visibility, as this release demonstrates–The Real Housewives of New York husband Simon van Kempen makes headlines as he leaves Hotel Chandler and takes a gig running a new social media consultancy company. Er, what does his wife do again?

Not All Slings Are Created Equally: Baby Sling & Carrier Manufacturers Speak Out On Baby Sling Safety Warning
Baby safety is #1 for new moms and there is no greater nightmare then the potential of harming your child. This release targets new moms who might want to know the safest way to use a sling when carrying your loved one in order to prevent a potentially fatal injury. Clocks up One Hundred Million Downloads
If you don’t have Microsoft Office on your computer, you might have downloaded the free alternative, OpenOffice. Turns out, one hundred million others decided to forgo the pricey package and sub in this free document creating wiz. One hundred million is quite the number—and definitely newsworthy.

ESAB Announces Partnership with Orange County Choppers
Another celeb related release centers on a popular custom motorcycle build shop partnering with a new provider for welding and cutting equipment. The high octane Orange County shop owners garner stardom for their fast, flashy bikes and hot tempers.

New AC Solar Generator Invention Could Revolutionize Solar Power Production
We’re in the age of “going green” so the eco-friendly idea of using solar power to produce electricity needed to operate households and cars appeals to a wide consumer base, especially those looking to cut costs–going green to save some green.

iSpeech® Announces™ 2.0 Distracted Driving App and Opening of Speech APIs
In a 6 year study, there were 16,000 deaths related to texting while driving—hence the introduction of this product, designed to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Public safety is a huge interest and also appeals to a multitude of demographics, especially parents whose children are rookie drivers.

What are your favorite press releases of 2010? What do you think will make news in 2011?

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