Boo the Dog on Facebook

Say hello to Boo. Who is Boo? Simply put, Boo is a canine with almost one million fans on Facebook. But how? Dogs can’t type! Or can they…? This precious Pomeranian can teach us a few lessons when it comes to being “liked” on Facebook, and even though it has a lot to do with being cute, a huge part of his stardom can be attributed to simple (but great) Facebook marketing.

Incorporating photos. Its one thing to say that you have the cutest dog in the world, but showing us ups the ante.

  • The lesson? You can brag all you want about your product or service, but until you can show me, I won’t be interested.

Video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? Seeing the pup in action helps fans see what the dog would be like in person, brings his photos to life and adds credibility (I bet you never knew a dog could have credibility!).

  • The takeaway? Pictures are great, but video is phenomenal. Seeing something in action validates your brand’s claims and makes a consumer more informed, and therefore more likely to “like” a page and eventually buy.

A humanizing factor. No, not just photos, but captions of things Boo might say if he were human make the page personable. No one likes a robot, and we can smell an auto-post a mile away. Humans love engagement, and humans love other humans.

  • So how do you do it? Don’t just post information without having a purpose, an opinion or a comment. Let people know how you feel, and keep the page from becoming stagnant by sparking conversation with humor or compelling information. Change it up!

Boo the Dog on Facebook

My friends like Boo too. People like people who are like themselves—in this case, Boo serves as a unifier. If two different consumers like Boo, they probably share other interests—and like the same products (see our last tip below).

  • Why is this important? Your brand can become a unifier between people on Facebook, further solidifying your influence online.

Boo the Dog on Facebook

Being interestingly different. One thing you may notice about Boo is that people are curious about what kind of dog he is. Often called a dog-bear because of his fluffy cut, upon closer inspection, Boo is just a Pomeranian with a funky do.  The fact that Boo is new and different brings excitement to his fans—and attracts new fans, too!

  • How to benefit your brand: make your brand newsworthy (and like-worthy) by putting a different angle on your product or service. This can be done with interesting, unique graphics and logos (distinguishing yourself from the competition), or highlighting an interesting use not thought of before.

Boo connects me to other things I’m interested in. Boo doesn’t hog all the glory for himself: he shows us the pages he likes that we might be interested in as well.

  • Why is this important? Promoting your own content all the time often drives fans away because it seems “sale-sy.” People aren’t on social media platforms to be sold to, they’re there to be engaged with and learn new and interesting information. So feed their desire for new things with links to related content that isn’t always yours.

Boo the Dog on Facebook

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