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Top 25 Venture Capital bloggers on Twitter

This is a guest post from Yvette Pistorio, Senior Supervisor of Media Research  at Cision.

In the past, many of us weren’t exposed to the world of venture capital, but now, social media has opened up the discussion of VC and made it possible to discuss a rapidly changing business in real time. “When I started writing VentureBlog, there was literally no one writing about venture capital. VC’s thought it was taboo to discuss the industry. With social media has come a much more open and vibrant discussion of venture capital and venture capitalists,” says David Hornik, author of VentureBlog.

Many venture investors rely on social media to learn about new trends and technologies, and also to engage in conversation. “Social media, particularly blogging, has really opened up the inner workings of the venture business in a way that I think has been beneficial for both entrepreneurs and investors,” says Seth Levine, author of Seth Levine’s VC Adventure. He adds, “The pace of news is simply much faster these days, along with the pace of innovation. It’s a great time to be an investor, and a great time to be an entrepreneur, but it takes a little work to stay on top of things.”

Social media has helped level the playing field of top VC’s and the relatively unknown ones. Now everyone has a voice, not just those with the biggest pedigree, but those with the most interesting things to say. “It’s really changed our business, and certainly been a huge boost to a group of VCs, myself included, who prior to social media platforms had a difficult time really making a name for themselves,” Levine said.
Cision’s list of the top  25 VC bloggers on Twitter is based on Cision’s proprietary research of VC bloggers and ranked by each blogger’s Klout score as of March 21, 2011. They offer insights on investment and technology trends, and provide entrepreneurs looking for expansion capital with insights and resources around business growth strategies. They are written by both venture capitalists and journalists.

  1. Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Radar@timoreilly                                                                        76
  2. Mark Suster, Both Sides of the Table@msuster                                                         74
  3. Fred  Wilson, A VC Blog,  @fredwilson                                                                           69
  4. Paul Kedrosky, Infectious Greed@pkedrosky                                                            69
  5. Chris Dixon, Chris Dixon’s Blog@cdixon                                                                     69
  6. Scott Kirsner, Innovation Economy@scottkirsner                                                       61
  7. Charlie O’Donnell, This is going to be BIG…@ceonyc                                             59
  8. Roger Ehrenberg, Information Arbitrage@infoarbitrage                                           59
  9. Sarah Lacy, Predictably RabidTechCrunch @sarahcuda                                         58
  10. Fred Destin, Fred Destin@fdestin                                                                                 58
  11. Jeffrey Nolan, Venture Chronicles@jeffnolan                                                              56
  12. Ben Horowitz, ben’s blog@bhorowitz                                                                            56
  13. Jeff Bussgang, Seeing Both Sides@bussgang                                                          55
  14. Seth Levine, Seth Levine’s VC Adventure@sether                                                      55
  15. Rob Go,                                                                                              54
  16. Josh Kopelman, Redeye VC@joshk                                                                             54
  17. Ryan Spoon,                                                                  53
  18. Rob Day, Cleantech Investing@cleantechvc                                                               52
  19. Claire Cain Miller, Bits@clairecm                                                                                   50
  20. Sramana Mitra, Sramana Mitra on Strategy@sramana                                             50
  21. Scott Austin, Venture Capital Dispatch@scottmaustin                                              50
  22. David Hornik, VentureBlog@davidhornik                                                                     49
  23. Constance Loizos, peHUB@cookie                                                                              45
  24. David Cowan, Who Has Time For This?@davidcowan                                            43
  25. James Temple, The Tech Chronicles, @jtemple                                                         42

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