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The impact of Facebook’s Timeline on PR and Marketing

Facebook Timeline for PR and MarketersLast week Facebook introduced a new profile design known as Timeline, an infographic-like format that charts highlights from a user’s social media activity.  Coupled with other recent Facebook updates, the social media juggernaut is creating a home for your entire digital life to live.

Timeline makes a user’s profile much easier to read and more interesting to browse.  No longer is the emphasis only on what someone is doing now.  Instead, posts and status updates are linked together and tell stories about a person’s life, with as much emphasis on what they’ve done in the past as what they’re doing right now.

So what does the new Facebook Timeline mean to PR and marketing pros?

Greater impact over longer time

In the past, if you missed a status update from one of your friends, it would most likely get lost in the social media abyss.  Now, even if you missed a friend raving about a restaurant a month ago, you can still easily stumble upon that status update when you view her Timeline.

It’s word of mouth marketing that lives on for months or even years instead of only minutes.

Facebook Timeline AppMore visibility for Facebook Apps

Creating a Facebook App has been a great way to get your brand seen by thousands of people, and to create value for your customers.  Now, apps get a more prominent place on a user’s profile, increasing the number of eyes that see it.  Again, your app becomes a part of that user’s digital life, and her use of it is a testament to your app and your brand.

Brands associated with your digital life

A Facebook user’s interaction with your brand is being associated with that person’s digital life in front of all of their friends and family.  The emotional power of that is immense.

Studies have shown that creating a positive emotion around content will make that content seem more trustworthy. Having your brand associated next to a positive post such as the birth of a child or personal accomplishment, can increase the trustworthiness of your brand with others.

So what do you think?   Will the Facebook Timeline create a more engaged user base?  Will it increase the likelihood that your brand will be seen and associated in a positive light?


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