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Are You The Next Britney Spears of Google+ Pages?

Early this month, Google announced the launch of Google+ Pages as a compliment to their Google+ profiles and established a strong presence in the social media world. We know it’s popular because Britney Spears just became the most followed celebrity on Google+ (a spot once held by the Google CEO). However, given all the networks you might already be on, how do you now attract and gain followers to a new site and perhaps become the next Britney Spears?

Optimize your page: if you’re new to Google+ Pages or haven’t created one yet, be sure to check out this free tool and follow Google’s step by step guide to creating your page. The Viralheat team was first on the scene when news broke out, but then again, we’re just social media geeks. Before announcing your page to the world, take some time to give it a robust presence. Fill out the profile, add photos that relate to your industry, and create some initial posts. You want followers to find value in your page and a reason to follow. An empty page won’t get that response.

Promote on existing social media sites: If you’re on Google+, it’s likely that you’ve also got a presence elsewhere online. Now that your page is filled out, promote the link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and share it on your Google+ profile. If you’re on YouTube, consider shooting a short video about your new page and what people can expect to find. Chances are your followers on these various networks are also on Google+ and will likely follow you there as well.

Blog about it: If you author a blog, link your video (if you choose to create one), into a blog post about your new page and where people can now find you. Once again, explain why you’re there and what people can expect to gain.

Make yourself eligible for Direct Connect: Direct Connect is a unique feature of Google+ Pages. It allows your page to become searchable and easily found within Google. Users can search for your page using: +[page name] and quickly be able to find you and add you to their circles. Make yourself eligible by installing a widget on your blog to direct readers to follow you on your page. The code embedded within the widget will be read by Google and make you eligible to be on Direct Connect.

Target and engage your audience: Like any other network, Google+ Pages can be social too. Engage your new followers with targeted circles and offer them content relevant to their interest(s) in your business and your industry. An excellent example of leveraging topics is the Time magazine page. They have created topic circles based on various sectors of their magazine. The first topic they tested was technology. In this topic circle, followers can be circled in and only shown tech related news and data.  Think about the topics associated with your business. How can you engage your followers with different aspects of your business?

Share and promote: As you build out your page, continue sharing your content and that of others as it applies to your industry and business. Keep the page fun and interesting. Google+ makes it easy for you to quickly pull in videos (via the quick access YouTube link to the right of the page), music (Google+ music), and pictures. Take advantage of those tools to create “eye candy” on your page and keep your followers engaged and interested.

Hangout with your followers: an awesome feature of Google+ is the hangout. It allows you to instantly connect with your followers in real time, share exciting news, and get to know your audience. It makes the experience real and vital. This tool is not available on any other site so use it to your advantage to help promote your page and connect with your audience. Use hangouts to conduct focus groups, show off new products, introduce a product launch, or just to say stop in and say “hi” once in a while.

What other tips and suggestions are you using to gain more followers on your Google+ page? Is there anything we missed?

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