Salon Cuts More Hair Thanks to Social Media MarketingAmerican poet and essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”

This principle is something that small business owners Matt Buchan and Alex Garcia kept in mind in 2008 when they decided to buy and make over a salon on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Their business, Emerson Salon, has flourished since its founding year and its success is mainly due to effective internet marketing with social media and PR.  What can you learn from the practices that worked so well for their business?

  1. There is no single social networking site that will work for you. The key is having an integrated approach to social networking. Emerson’s Salon uses Twitter to promote events and specials, while fostering conversation and photo sharing on Facebook to promote likes, retweets and more. Emerson’s Salon has received over 2,000 likes on Facebook and has over 13,000 followers on Twitter to date.
  2. People love people! When it comes to their website and social networks, Emerson Salon puts special focus on individual stylists and the tips and tricks that they have to share. They share tweets about posts their stylists make on their personal website and link followers on Twitter back so that they can experience that insight. The stylists post on their blog about color, style and personal interests that they think followers might find interesting.  Buchan has said thatit’s rare for even a walk-in customer to come in and not have read Emerson Salon’s blog or seen the company’s tweets.
  3. Innovation is key. On top of traditional linking and sharing social profiles on the front page of their website, Buchan and Garcia took other chances with online marketing plans. One example is how they allow clients to both book appointment online and share those appointments on Twitter and  Facebook pages. This allows clients to discuss plans for their new look with friends, potentially prompting them to do the same.

Emerson’s Salon has taken multiple steps in utilizing social marketing through connecting with their community and communicating on multiple integrated platforms. Do you know of other small businesses that have benefitted from using social media marketing? How about your business? Share your experiences and insights with us in a comment below!

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