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2012 Prediction: Not Done Talking About the Mayan Apocalypse Prophecy

Ok, we have all heard it (you’ve heard it, right?). According to an ancient Mayan prophecy, the world will come to an end this year. Specifically, December 21, 2012- the winter solstice. In fact, although many of us in the northern hemisphere may hold the beginning of winter akin to the end of the world, the basis of the prophecy is shaky. The rumor, which has in equal parts delighted and terrified many as the year approached, is based on a partially damaged piece of rock that was most likely badly translated. In addition to this, December 21 is simply the last day in the Mayan long-count calendar. Just because the calendar ends is no reason to believe the world does, as we realize every January 1 when we blearily awake and realize we forgot to pick up a new calendar. Mayan scholars, scientists of all kinds- even NASA has pointed out flaws in the so-called prophecy (if you want an impressively in depth FAQ, check this out). But we at Visible® are not here to say who is in the right- we are here to crowdsource what everyone is saying!

Using social media monitoring tool Visible Intelligence® to search for the subject, we learned that, first and foremost, the good people in the world of social media are always on the lookout for a joke. The Mayan prophecy is full of possibility. Tweets making light of the supposed apocalypse ranged from wry observations like the following…


To weather observations…

To advice?

Whether the prophecy has merit or not, we can expect conversation to grow as we near December.

Discussion rate is steadily increasing and will surely surge as we approach the winter solstice later this year. The Mexican tourism industry is taking full advantage of this interest, celebrating the prophecy and expecting a major bump in visits. How will the prophecy be portrayed in pop culture this year? Only time will tell. Start working on your one-liners now!

[Top image via Forbes]


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