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32 Small Business Gems from the Diva Toolbox Promote Me Conference

Diva Toolbox, an organization that supports and connects women in business, hosted its Promote Me conference for small business owners yesterday here at Vocus Headquarters.

Nearly 50 attendees came for the conference to hear six expert speakers sharing loads of tips and useful information on how to grow a business.

We sat in on the day’s sessions and wrote down some of the gems of wisdom we encountered. Here are 32 of the best.

Content (expert: Kim Duke (The Sales Divas)

1.       People buy emotion – make your content exciting.

2.       Publish your content at regular intervals to keep people wanting more.

3.       Be consistent.

4.       Write in a concise manner.  Use bullets!

5.       Use an attention-grabbing title to attract more readers.

6.       Write with personality and be conversational.

Video (expert: Ruth Sherman,

7.       GOI: Get Over It!  Everyone hates the way they look on camera…

8.       Keep videos short (under one minute) until you get a following.

9.       It doesn’t have to win an Oscar – it just has to get your message across.

10.   Develop a “Speaking Voice.” It must be strong, intelligent and professional.

11.   Your video background and setting must be consistent with your brand.

12.   You’ve already got content! “I don’t know what to say” isn’t an excuse.

Branding (expert: Meredith Liepelt, Rich Life Marketing)

13.   Know who and where your customers are.

14.   Know what the benefits of your business are – that’s what you sell.

15.   Know how you want to be perceived and stick to it.

16.   Know what your brand’s promise is – and know how to deliver on that promise.

17.   Be consistent. Don’t be a “Brand Schizophrenic.”

Marketing from Mike Michalowicz (The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur)

18.   Being better at something is not as good as being different.  When you’re different, people will notice.

19.   Use customer’s names on your website.  People will always promote themselves, and in turn, promote your business.

20.   Give unexpected gifts to your customers. It’ll result in more loyal customers and advocacy.

21.   Under-promise.  Then over-deliver.

22.   Start a “Buyers Club.” People crave exclusivity.

Pricing (ex[ert: Maureen Campaiola, DARE to be Phenomenal)

23.   Don’t barter and trade your services.  You’re worth money!

24.   Offer quick-decision incentives – not discounts.

25.   Offer payment plans with full-pay incentives.

26.   Always collect non-refundable deposits.

27.   Don’t charge by the hour.  Clients don’t care about how much your working – they care about results.

Sales (expert: Karen Graves,

28.   If you’re a business person, you’re also a sales person.

29.   Sales aren’t “icky, pushy or uncomfortable” – you’re offering people real help!

30.   Have conviction in your sales.  If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, you won’t sell a thing.

31.   Be clear with your goals.  You have to know exactly where you want your business to go.

32.   Be committed.  You’ve got to be selling your business around-the-clock.

*Diva Toolbox attendees got more than just incredible insight today.  They got to demo Vocus Marketing Software!  They saw just how much VMS can help them grow their business – we want you to see too! Demo Vocus Marketing Software today!

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