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When: March

What: Crafts have always been popular among Americans, and many are still finding the joy of creating useful yet creative goods. While crafters of yesteryear often created their products out of practicality, there has always been pride found in crafting unique goods. It’s easier than ever to pick up a craft as a hobby with today’s abundance of classes, instructional websites, and craft suppliers. There are also many interested in purchasing handmade crafts, and the Internet is becoming a great place to find quality craft sellers. This March, celebrate the important role crafting has played in American culture and foster a love of crafts and crafting during National Craft Month.

Background: National Craft Month was created in 1994 by the Craft & Hobby Association. It aims to grow interest in crafts, connect enthusiasts, and educate newbies on a variety of crafts.

Story Pitch: Craft supply manufacturers and retailers have an excellent opportunity this month to promote their products. Many crafters are looking for new products to save them time or improve the quality of their creations, and both craft companies and stores can highlight these offerings. Stores and schools that hold craft classes are able to promote their courses, especially ones for children and crafting amateurs. A good number of nonprofessional crafters are finding they can make side money from selling their creations. Craft suppliers have a chance to connect with these hobbyists to see what crafts are becoming popular and share useful products. Stores that sell locally created crafts may also support the month by showcasing their crafters.

Story Hook: With more than half of the U.S. population enjoying crafting hobbies, the Internet has provided a place for crafters to connect and also sell their goods. Popular websites like Etsy and the newer Pinterest are becoming go-to places for crafters to find inspiration and showcase their creations. These crafters are joining a multi-billion dollar industry, but what should hobbyists know before they put their crafts up for sale? What should buyers look for? How can consumers judge the quality and pricing of crafts for sale online? Consider the following as you make your pitch:

  • What are the most popular hobby crafts? What products are most popular among buyers?
  • Crafts have always been an important aspect of American art. What crafted antiques are most valuable? How has crafting played a role in American history?
  • What are good crafts for children to try?
  • Are there crafts that can serve in a practical household or money-saving capacity?

Tips: Local crafters are great contacts who can talk about a variety of popular crafts. A local museum curator or antique dealer can talk about valuable crafts and the role crafting has always played in American life.


Art and Antique Dealers League of America Inc.
(212) 879-7558

American Craft Council
(800) 836-3470

Craft & Hobby Association
(201) 835-1200

Society of Arts and Crafts
(617) 266-1810

–Researched, compiled & written by Kristina Elliott
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