3 Sure-Fire TipsThe power of optimization can’t be understated when talking about small business marketing.  Most businesses recognize this and work to optimize their websites for increased search traffic.  But optimization shouldn’t stop there.  The smartest small business marketers are going beyond to include press release optimization, as well.

Press release optimization specifically is your way of connecting with both your targeted consumer audiences and journalists, bloggers and other writers looking for resources on topics in your industry.


There are multiple uses for optimized press releases.  Some of the possible writing topics include:

  • New Products/Services
  • Problem Solving Tips
  • Business Expansion
  • Personnel Changes
  • Philanthropic Connections
  • Special Events

When you present these ideas with effective press release optimization, you can reap such small business benefits as:

  • Higher Search Rankings
  • Constant Exposure
  • Increased Credibility
  • Better Brand Awareness

The best thing about press release optimization is that it’s not rocket science.  You can boost your SEO results with 3 easy tips:

  1. Optimize Headlines Every Time – Headlines can be the most challenging part of press release writing.  You need to catch readers’ attention, compel them to continue reading and include targeted keywords in 70 characters or less.

Make it a practice to include your chosen keywords in every headline as well as the lead paragraph.  Then sprinkle them once or twice throughout your content, too.

  1. Optimize Digital Assets – Give your press release optimization added SEO punch by optimizing your digital assets.  These elements include various media forms such as video, images and audio.

You can embed optimized videos into your press releases in addition to hosting them on video channels like YouTube.  You can also use optimized keywords in titles and accompanying show notes.

  1. 3. Optimize Your Content’s Sharability – In addition to optimizing your press release for search, give it a high sharability factor.  Include social media channel links.  Provide email sharing capacity and encourage readers to like, tweet, re-post and comment on the content. 

Don’t neglect to include your press release on all of your brand’s social channels.  You can repurpose the press release message into multiple tweets, Facebook status updates or topics for your next blog and link that content back to your website.

The most powerful press release optimization factor is the value of your content because if your message isn’t relevant and compelling, no amount of optimization will help extend its reach.

For more help on creating high performing content, check out our infographic, The Power Of An Optimized Press Release:  PRWeb’s Story.


About Annemaria Nicholson

Annemaria Nicholson is the North American Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at Cision. She drives go-to-market content, blog and social strategy for multiple brands and loves to experiment with interactive and multimedia content to better engage and inspire audiences. Her innovative content programs helped Cision place as a finalist at the 2016 Content Marketing Institute Awards and turned the marketing department from a cost center into a revenue center. As a direct result of her content strategy, the business was able to move the needle on key business KPIs.

As Head of Content, Annemaria has a strong track record of creating high quality multimedia content, blog posts, tip sheets, videos, instructional content, case studies and more to create great customer experiences. She revolutionized Cision’s outbound promotion efforts to amplify its inbound lead generation results by creating a multichannel program that promotes content via additional, complementary and unique content to drive discoverability, search rank, audience awareness, credibility, and ultimately more leads and revenue for the business.