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Facebook gets a little more awesome with scheduled posts

Hey Facebook, I’m running out of breath chasing behind you and trying to keep up with the latest news. After the Instagram purchase, you’ve been on fire. There’s even talk of you buying a browser and perhaps making a phone. If you made a rocket, sent it to the moon, and started Facebook there I wouldn’t be surprised. You could have your own galaxy but I better stop before I get ahead of myself.

Let’s focus on your latest accomplishment which I personally think is awesome and a feature I’ve been waiting for – scheduled posts. A capability previously only available via third party app has now come to reality on the Facebook platform along with the ability to assign specific roles to fan page admins. However, like most things that Facebook does, the idea is still half baked and not at all intuitive. I felt a bit foolish navigating the site for 20 minutes before I figured out how to schedule a post.

To schedule a post, click on the clock icon in the left corner of the status bar area. There you can set the date and time for your post. Unfortunately, this feature is a bit wonky. The scheduled posts can be found on the Activity Log under the Admin Page – Edit Page section.

At this time, Facebook doesn’t give you an option to edit your scheduled posts. You can view them in an activity log, delete, and re-write them if you’ve made a mistake. See? A bit half baked but still awesome. It’s a step in the right direction even if it’s not quite perfect yet.

Fan page owners might also appreciate assigning specific roles to admins. The specific roles are: Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insight Analyst. The “Manager” has the most permissions (full access) whereas the “Insight Analyst” has the least permissions – only able to view insights. These roles are helpful if you’re only assigning admins for certain tasks but don’t necessarily want them to have full access to edit/post on your behalf.  The roles for each admin are described clearly in the Facebook admin panel.  This type of control is handy for bigger brands that assign a whole team to manage their online presence and should hopefully prevent Facebook social media fails.

What do you think of Facebook’s latest features? Do you think you’ll use them? Let us know in the comments below.

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