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There’s Customers and THERE are Customers

In ad/marketing agencies, we have many services to aid the client in their many messaging efforts to get their customer/client on board with their goods. Digital has only opened Pandora’s box for service offerings. To back up our services we have to deliver reports to the clients so that they can get a sense of what we are doing in our path to meet to goals.

These ROI (return on investment) reports are used to backup efforts in every way that is measurable, varying in data featuring website analysis, concept testing, social media efforts or advertising efforts. But are these reports missing something?

As an agency we deliver sound direction to our clients so that they may thrive and increase exposure to new leads. We want to put them in the position to capitalize on where they are effective. I ask, where’s the one place you could really be effective? Your community!

Are we missing the obvious? We focus so much time on the straight forward analytics that we could possibly be missing the important details on the not so obvious analytics, the small consistencies that could actually matter the most.

Consistency #1

In my experience, few users comment, many interact. These commenters however, are the ones we fail to address. A savvy community manager should jot down the names of the users who comment the most, create dialogue amongst the community and those with large network bases. Why should agencies care?

Because agency agendas are to create leads for their clients using manners that facilitate natural conversation, shouldn’t identifying people who can truly help your efforts be a priority task? Some call them brand ambassadors, others call them influencers, I call them customers.

All Customers Are NOT Created Equal

The beauty of the internet is that there is a lot of data available to any community manager willing to search. By determining a user’s Klout score (regardless of what you may think of it) you can use it as a benchmark to identify the stars in your community. Identification of your top customers can help you create new lead connections via the multiplier effect (the multiplier effect is user shares with user shares with user, and so on.)

An alternative to Klout, identifying the user’s digital footprint. Many users use the same username throughout the web. Take me for instance – Google: ‘Dschotthoefer’ and you will see that I use the same name everywhere. I’m not the only one. It’s what works.

Search and figure out who of your customers are highly active and have large networks – this can help create higher engagement from their network.

DKNY Blog considers their customer’s musical interests (not just fashion).

Consistency #2

Customers will put very intimate details about themselves right in front of you – what do you do with that information? Use it to create a better customer experience. Do 3/4 of your client’s customers prefer one sports team to another – guess which team it makes sense to partner with? DKNY’s PR Girl taps into shows their consumers enjoy –

DKNY’s Twitter account and Tumblr blog, both of which are run by Donna Karan International SVP of Global Communications Aliza Licht, are entertaining, informative and exceptionally on-brand. The Twitter account features, among other things, live blogs of CW show Gossip Girl each week – Mashable

DKNY is identifying their user’s interests and they understand the power of participating in the conversation with their active customers who, as a whole, have a large interest that DKNY be authoritative in. A “Two-fer!” I can’t say that I believe many agencies are considering the importance of this data – the customer interest data.

Use social platforms to identify the customers’ interests that they already display via their social networks. This can allow any agency to capitalize and create lengthened (see: stronger) customer relationships.

ROI reports are necessary and the client will ask for them always. But maybe the new ROI report can report data that makes B2C relationships more appetizing and worthwhile, I’m sure the consumer wouldn’t mind.

Do you identify customer’s interests as well as your most vocal customers?

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