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4 Ways Small Businesses Can Join the Content Marketing Revolution

Four Ways Small Businesses Can Join the Content Marketing RevolutionThe question of whether or not to join the content revolution is a no-brainer. The relevant question now is exactly how to make that happen to your greatest advantage. Savvy entrepreneurs and small business marketers in today’s hotly competitive marketplace don’t agree on much, but they do concur on several “go to” tools for getting the results they demand. Global competition makes social media marketing and content marketing indispensable.

What is a revolution without people? The extreme popularity of social and content draws in crowds in record numbers. Press release distribution sends your message out to the masses and gets word circulating. Social media monitoring services keep your thumb on the pulse, relaying stats and numbers that are essential to your success. Finally, listening to your audience connects the dots and capitalizes on what information best connects with your target market.

If you are a small business entrepreneur, take pride in the fact that you increasingly contribute to a shift in the national economy and Gross National Product. As the small business industry continues to heat up and expand, more opportunities than ever are yours for the taking. The international marketplace of today is teeming with action, new products and a competitive climate that is geared for promotional overdrive. Working smart and maximizing returns are the hallmarks movers and shakers who know how to streamline operations while maintaining a robust presence in the public sphere. Here is a look at four ways you can join with or benefit from the content revolution starting today:

1. Swing into Social Media Marketing

A whopping 106 percent increase in the number of people who follow brands on social networking sites in the last two years has been cited according to a recent study conducted by Edison Research(SOURCE). It is clear that social media is revolutionizing the face of brand building. Social media can help you develop trusted relationships with customers, forge emotional connections and gain loyal fans.

Knowing what is hot and what is relevant gives you the edge over the slackers. Free social monitoring tools like HootSuite and Social Mention, as well more comprehensive software like Vocus, offer a view of how your brand is being interpreted by your target audience via an integrative dashboard that monitors a variety of popular media platforms, including Google. Guiding the conversations and infusing social channels with the ideas and concepts that you want associated with your brand give you control to shape your public image. By listening and directing online communication, you can help to shape a positive brand perception, which can ultimately translate into higher retention, more referrals and future sales.

2. Burst into Blog Marketing

Content marketing with a blog is a fabulous way of spreading the word about your brand so that people can get acquainted with what it is and how it can help them. Remember, your strongest selling point is yourself and what you have to offer. Sharing opinions, ideas and information with the public is an exceptional method for reaching potential clients. Channel your inner professor with your own unique teaching blog or simply let your audience know who you are and how you can make their lives better. The right content can inspire, instruct, motivate, inform, build loyalty and keep friends and followers coming back for more.

Start with a clear vision of what content you will deliver on your blog and what information your audience can expect to find. As you progress, listen and learn what information your audience prefers via comments, social shares and visits. Don’t be afraid to expand to additional topics and formats that clearly align with what resonates with your readers.

3. Power to the Press Releases

Powerful press releases inspire prospective customers to learn more about who you are, what you do and how you can help them. A well-crafted press release with a unique angle and the right distribution can reach a large audience and get results quickly.

Although you can send out a press release anytime, as with most things, timing is everything. Try to coordinate your press release with other content marketing efforts to ensure whether it’s your blog post, press release or email campaign, readers see consistency in your brands theme and messaging.

4. Create a Stir with Social Media and Content Monitoring

Measuring your results is power: The knowledge you acquire from learning who visits your site, how often they visit, and their likes and dislikes puts you in a position to tailor and customize your messages accordingly. You will also know where to apply extra concentration or eliminate efforts that are not getting the desired results.

How is your content marketing revolution progressing, fellow rebels? Tell us about your content marketing uprising success! The right story might be featured on the PRWeb Blog!

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