Identifying Sales Leads Through Social Media

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We hear everyday how significantly social media has changed the landscape of marketing and communication. It has allowed people to connect with brands and celebrities they typically wouldn’t have connected with, it has provided small businesses and large brands an affordable marketing avenue, and it has certainly brought to light the importance of knowing your community and what content resonates with them. All these advances that have transpired since the inception of social media and have added a social aspect to marketing that was difficult to establish before.

With all the opportunities that social media had provided us, it’s surprising more brands and businesses aren’t taking note of perhaps the most important, the constant conversation. People share their favorites, review products, and voice complaints like its going out of style. And while this is fun and entertaining for the community, capturing this data and making use of it can be a huge win for brands and businesses. The idea that social media can give insight on when an individual is ready to make a purchase is what Viralheat calls Human Intent. Human Intent is defined as the time when someone is most likely to make a purchase based on something they have shared through social media. For example, “My computer is dunzo, no longer worth fixing ;(,” a tweet like that would indicate that the person no longer has a working computer and that they are likely in need of a new one.

For businesses who aren’t tracking conversation constantly or using a tool to help monitor it, capitalizing on this tweet would prove difficult. With Viralheat, the tool reveals how powerful social media can be as a way to identify sales leads. Viralheat offers custom profile searches, these profiles can be about a brand, product, competitor, industry, etc. Using the example in the image below, a camera company or reseller would be interested in those people looking to purchase a new camera so the search profile would contain keywords associated with cameras and lenses. For all mentions that fit the keywords in the profile, Viralheat will pull them, identify those that are potential leads, and display them in the profile mentions stream.

How does Viralheat’s Human Intent feature work and why is it beneficial?

Identify Leads at the Right Time
Viralheat’s Human Intent feature identifies leads at the time of purchasing intent. This is important since the purchase has not yet been made and this lead could be approach by a brand or company that sells items that might be of interest to the individual.

Train Viralheat to Capture All Leads
The Human Intent feature is also trainable, if a mention is not marked as a lead and it should be, you can change the designation right through the Viralheat tool. The tool will eventually learn that mentions of this nature are leads and will mark them as such in the future.

Export Leads List
Viralheat allows you to export a leads list from the tool. The leads from the list can then be contacted, imported into a CRM system, and managed appropriately.The leads list can also help to identify a business’s market and where they should spend time marketing.

If you are interested in learning more about the Human Intent feature, sign up for a free 14-day trial of the product.

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