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For PR & Marketing Professionals, Content Marketing is becoming a requirement of the job, not just a sometimes necessary evil. A recent study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and Marketing Profs, revealed that 9 out of 10 marketers are using Content Marketing. Along with the staggering rise of this new type of Marketing over the last few years, naturally come some growing pains. How are we going to keep creating great content that our fans and followers are willing to share? What’s the best place to promote our branded content? What’s the best tactic for the specific story we want to tell?

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Over the past few months, I’ve read some great posts that offer solutions to many of the problems that plague Content Marketers as well as some creative tools to help your campaign take off online. Here are a few of the ones that stood out:

The 5 Elements of Content Marketing Explained  via The Content Strategist

In a new infographic, Synecore brakes down content marketing and its core entities.

These five elements include:

  1. Blogs, which help businesses find new customers and build an online presence.
  2. E-books and whitepapers, premium content that help generate leads by having those who download material fill out forms.
  3. Webinars, to help marketers interact with their audiences, and webcasts (or podcasts) for broadcast or download at any time.
  4. Videos, which Synecore claims “have shown that those who view video are much more likely to make a purchase than those who do not.”
  5. E-mail marketing, which remains “the most popular form of content marketing.” It is a wallet-friendly and effective way to reach B2C and B2B readers.

Staying On Track with Your Content Marketing Goals via Business2Community

When you look back on the previous year of your content marketing efforts, you will see successes and failures. As we’re nearing a new year and the need for new strategies, the best way to advance and grow your content is to look back at your accomplishments and set new goals that will push your content in the direction you are aiming for; whether that is increased website visits, lead conversions, or social media recognition.  

10 Content Marketing Must-Do’s for Brands via Convince&Convert

Marketing is a fun place to be these days, isn’t it? New tools and new technologies and new platforms are giving businesses interesting opportunities to connect with customers in inherently more meaningful ways.

Of course, that’s put new pressure on marketers and layered new requirements onto Marketing. Our newly social Web is requiring brands to bulk up their content creation muscles and inject themselves with a kind of social steroid.

Are You Newsjacking Or Just Being A Jerk? Via Business2Community

Is Your Content Viral-Ready or a PR Fail?

For your content to connect with your buyer personas, profiles of your company’s real-life clients, it’s got to get the context just right. It needs to make a connection with your readers, and one of the sharpest ways to accomplish this is by referencing current events.

Do you have any Content Marketing Posts you’d like us to see? Please feel free to share them in the Comments below.

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