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Cashing In on Social Media

Marketers have been defending their social media efforts since it’s inception. Initially, the return from social media was difficult to quantify and the question of if social media had an impact on sales was left unanswered. In the last couple years the feeling surrounding social media has shifted and the questions of if have been replaced with how or how can we do it better. Because social media is an open forum for people to share their daily thoughts, the opportunity to affect someone’s decision-making is huge; especially when making a purchasing decision. By taking the correct steps you can cash in on social media mentions and provide valuable sales to your team.

By listening to the conversation happening on social media about your brand or industry you’ll have a better understanding of where sales opportunities lie. It has now been said that nearly 50% of marketers have acquired customers via Twitter while nearly 60% acquired customers through blogging. But with constant status updates, tweets, and posts, how is it really possible to track all that is being said? Luckily, social media tools like Viralheat can help to narrow the focus on the types of conversation and keywords you’re interested in monitoring. Capturing this information and then comprehending it makes it an actionable sales lead. The Viralheat tool goes a step further with the human intent feature which identifies leads at the point of decision making. Being able to sort conversations by their intent to purchase allows you to approach leads at the right time and most closely to their purchasing point.

After monitoring and listening effectively, it’s critical to know when to approach the lead. If it’s been said once, it’s been said a hundred times, timing is everything. By monitoring and listening, you will see when mentions of your keywords happen in real time. Approaching people at the point for purchase is where you will have the greatest impact. If you’re a laptop company and see a tweet that states “Looking for a new laptop, not sure what one to buy there’s so many options,” this is a great opportunity to engage with the person and offer insight to your products.

Once a lead is identified and the timing is right, engaging with the person closes the loop and cashes in on social media. Engagement is key for any brand especially when approaching sales leads. This engagement should be handled with care. Twitter only allows you 140 characters to make a great impression so use these characters wisely. Introduce the consumer to a sale, promo code, offer advice, or ask questions. To avoid coming off as spam, address the person by their name and add more personal touches than simply tweeting back “check out our sale.” Humanizing your social media strategy will make a stronger connection with your community and future customers.

Once a plan is in place, work on monitoring mentions, perfecting your timing, and engaging with potential customers in the most natural and organic way.

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