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Weekly Feature for Fashion & Beauty Fanatics: Q&A with Marie Denee

Photo courtesy of Marie Denee

Photo courtesy of Marie Denee

Social media community manager Gina Joseph contributed to this post.

Marie Denee is the blogger we spoke with this week for CisionNavigator’s Fashion & Beauty Buzz. She is the editor in chief of The Curvy Fashionista and has authored Curvy. Confident. Chic and Keeping it Curvy. Confident. Chic. If that wasn’t enough, she also is the fashion and style editor of Plus Model Magazine.

Q: Where did your interest in fashion first begin?
I have been in love with fashion for quite some time! The earliest memory I have has to be around 8? Whenever my mom got ready to go out, she would always dress amazing! She had this one Navy Halter suit number, that I always played in while she was away!  As early as I could work, 15, I started in retail! First and quickly I worked in fast food, but quickly jumped into retail and I was hooked ever since!

Q: Why did you decide to focus on plus-size fashion?
A: I happen to fall into this demographic, and I realized that finding items to wear was always a challenge. While in college, studying business and still working in retail, I was that go to woman on the floor who plus size women referenced or relied on for information. From there, I started researching and digging online for brands that catered to the contemporary plus size woman. In grad school, I decided to dedicate my MBA in Marketing to the plus size community and shopper. After I was done with school, I launched my blog!

On my blog, I feature the newest collections from some of the hottest plus size designers, I give tips and tricks in fashion, and address confidence and body image issues. Everything on my site is fashion from a plus perspective! Shoes? Wide width and wide calf. Jewelry? Rings above a size 7 and bracelets that cater to my bigger hands. Interviews, exclusives, and the latest industry news, it is there! I try to be as resourceful as possible!

Q: After 4 years (congrats!) how has your blog evolved and how have you grown your reach?
Thank you! It feels so long, yet sooo short! Well, I never knew or anticipated my words ever affecting change as I have seen now! In addition to the fashion, I have realized that I also address issues in the media, address personal self confidence, and have broadened the scope of my blog to become more of a lifestyle fashion blog. Now I talk some tech, a little about health and wellness, and beauty and hair! It has become more of a natural progression as the readers ask for more, I try my best to give it to them!

I think when it comes to growing my reach, I try my best to stay consistent, lighthearted, positive, and accessible! I really try to keep the conversation in a girlfriend tone!

Q: What are some upcoming fashion-related trends you’ve noticed?
When it comes to plus size fashion, I think it is to note that plus size fashion is ON TREND. For the longest time there was a lag, by almost a season! With the advances, I find that plus size fashion has definitely made strides. We now have OPTIONS!

Q: What are you PR pet peeves, or what is the strangest pitch you’ve received?
The one that made me laugh was the Doomsday party. But I receive quite interesting pitches about losing weight, small chested bras, or things that have nothing to do with plus size fashion. For me, having it all in one pitch, images or the links to the site, and the relevance to my site are always the best. It can be a basic pitch, but it has to be relevant. That’s all!

Q: Any tips for PR professionals who want to get in contact with you?
You can reach me a few different ways, via twitter, Facebook, my blog and via email! I am quite receptive!


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Lisa Denten is the Social Media Manager of Cision U.S., where she leads social strategy, coordinates the blog editorial calendar and manages public relations campaigns. She regularly hosts Cision webinars, was chosen as a #FollowFriday guest on industry blog Spin Sucks, and has spoken on panels for Inbound Marketing Summit and Publicity Club of Chicago. She worked in the newspaper industry before joining Cision in 2008. Connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter at @lisaml15.

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