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[Recap] #MetricsChat 1/22/13

Last night we hosted our third Metrics Chat and we’re happy to say that the chats are quickly growing!  Over the past three weeks our audience has more than doubled and our engagement during the chat has skyrocketed.

Last night’s chat was dedicated to Google Analytics and website analytics and  featured guest Victor Nagornyy (V1ktor), WordPress lead generator and marketing automator extraordinaire.  From the get-go, the chatter was lively, the questions were flowing, and the audience was even chiming in with their own feedback, advice, and ideas.

There was some really great insights shared and a lot learned last night so let’s dive right in some of our favorite highlights!

Q&A Session

Q1. What do you think are the most important website metrics to identify?

A1. I like to keep it simple – pageviews, unique visitors, bounce rate, traffic sources & keywords & content popularity! Knowing wat sources r working helps understand wat ur marketing activities r effective. – @V1ktor

Varies per site & biz goals but conversions & success events. So basically rates over volume. – @macroneus

Q2. Are there any website metrics you find misleading?

A2. Key to understanding any analytics is knowing terminology. Not knowing can lead u in wrong direct. – @V1ktor

Q3. And you find Google Analytics the best service for [website analytics]?

A3. Its very comprehensive, there r many out there but for the price of free it is one of the top ones on the market. – @V1ktor

Q4. What is the most overlooked but important metric that Google Analytics provides?

A4. In-page Analytics, most ppl dont even kno its there. But it helps u understand wats working on ur website & how to improve. – @V1ktor

Q5. What can u learn from in page analytics? How so u know when to change up the page?

A5. In-page analytics helps u see where users click, so u can understand how they navigate ur pages. Then, you can make changes to place important content or ads in places where users tend to click the most. – @V1ktor

Q6. How can we identify the cause of abnormal peaks and dips?

A6. Its hard to identify the reason, but u can filter out abnormalities to see cleaner, meaningful data. – @V1ktor

Look at traffic sources for peaks, valleys. – @ImMarkBernhardt

Q7. For someone new to Google Analytics, what would you tell them to focus on?

A7. When u start, focus on traffic sources & content drilldown – knowing wats working will help u drive more qualified traffic. My clients get overwhelmed w/ GA, consume it in pieces. If u get consumed by data, u wont b able to act on it & use it. – @V1ktor

My advice for newbies would be to play with the tool. Tons of great information available, see what you can find. – @courtkett

Also, think from the perspective of that site’s visitor. What is he/she attempting to accomplish? & can they accomplish it efficiently?  – @macroneus

At first I would let them focus on traffic sources. Those can be fun because they are easily understandable. – @jboitnott

Q8: Do you use any other tools alongside Google Analytics to get the data you need?

A8: Its important to have Google Webmaster Tools connected to ur site & GA account to get SEO data & housekeeping analytics. Quantcast is another interesting analytics tool, it provides interesting look at my visitors thats different from GA a bit. – @V1ktor

Webmaster tools, #SERP analysis like SEOMoz reports & various other niche tools or Google APIs. – @macroneus

Often sense-check against host stats, just for comparison. Also social network stats to view w/ GA referrals from same. – @AboveTheStatic

Webmaster Tools, Good Plus built in analytics (not everyone has it yet), seomoz tools 🙂 – @amandablain

I feed into Google Analytics: AddThis, AdWords, etc. Tie in GWT, as well as and call tracking for more power. @ImMarkBernhardt

Q9. Would you share a few of your favorite Google Analytics tips or tricks?

A9.  U can share dashboard setups w/ others w/ a simple link. Check out my top metrics setup & add it @V1ktor

Use dedicated phone # and tracking service to feed GA. – @ImMarkBernhardt


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