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Featuring wine blogs for those spring pitches

With the hope of an early Spring (I’m talking to you, Groundhog) many of us are turning our thoughts to getting out more, entertaining guests, dining alfresco and of course that bottle of chilled white or tantalizing red wine. Whether you consider yourself a sommelier or drink it from a cardboard box, wine blogs can guide anyone through the season with a glass of vino to fit any occasion. So before you clink those glasses together, check out these featured 10 picks:

My Wine Education: Blogger Michelle Lentz has taken the stuffiness out of wine writing. Instead of acting like a sommelier, she fashions herself as a consumer who is looking for the best quality to cost ratio. She also dislikes numerical wine rating scales and prefers to rate wines based on “how happy” they make her, thus her copyrighted Happy Face Wine Scale was born. It’s much easier to decipher how she feels about the product. She also features wine news like this on her blog: “Stop the presses! Brad and Angelina are releasing their very own vino. No doubt they can as they own a 1,000-acre estate in Southwestern France. Plus they’re rich and famous.” Now that’s news you can use at the water cooler.

The Reverse Wine Snob: This is another site for those who are more interested in liquid than putting on airs. Blogger Jon Thorsen thumbs his nose at bottles over $20 and most of his recommendations are modestly priced and widely available at places like Costco or Trader Joe’s. There is also a guide to help you search and find brands that are a little harder to harvest. On his blog, Thorsen says that he and his wife started drinking wine after hearing about the health benefits. Unfortunately, buying wine wasn’t so healthy on their wallets and so the blog was born. To get a high rating, the wine has to be cheap and good.

The Wandering Blonde Wine-O: The title of this blog is probably already conjuring an inaccurate picture in your mind. No, you won’t find this blogger in front of a corner convenience store. Despite her self-deprecating title, this “blonde” is quite educated and ready to share her knowledge of wines. And though she is serious about the subject, she believes that “wine should never be intimidating or stressful. Buying wine should be an adventure. Be bold.” Dozens of labels are reviewed, but you might be most interested in her report on how she and her husband make their own wine at home.

Wine Peeps: Here’s a home page full of fun news articles to scroll through – from an article on this year’s Open That Bottle Night, a holiday dedicated to opening that special bottle of wine, to a travelogue from Chile, where a visit was made for the sole purpose of tasting and discovering wines. That said, they do rate wines and have adopted a “movie critic” system of stars to tell you what’s a five star “wow” and what’s a one star “ugh.”

Winethropology: This blog focuses mainly on reviews and is geared toward those with a bit more experience in the art of tasting. In a recent review of a $125 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, the blogger wrote, “As serious as the quality is here, it does not drink like a formal, stodgy wine. Instead, the inviting, easily-knit texture draws you in with charm and leaves you speechless with its impact.” At my level, that sentence means it was good. But someone with a more sophisticated palate would probably know the difference between something that tastes “stodgy” and something that is, shall we say a bit less formal.

1WineDude: Hey, if we’re going to have a blonde wine-o on this list, then we have to have at least one wine dude. Blogger and certified wine specialist Joe Roberts presents his blog as “serious wine talk for the not so serious drinker.” The site features educational and entertaining wine videos, reviews and’s annual Top 100 List of The Most Influential People in The U.S. Wine Industry. This blog’s content is great, but it’s always nice when a site can direct you to other helpful sites. Roberts does just that, while also touching on the evolution of social media within the Wine Reviewers’ universe.

Wine Without Worry: This blog by Jason Fink is as low key as the name suggests. Fink says he likes his wine with jeans and a T-shirt. His blog has a funny, casual tone and features articles, podcasts and videos from tips on vine pruning to drinking wine on airlines. Despite his casual manner, he’s actually quite cultured and  has traveled to vineyards and wineries in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece and of course, throughout the U.S. His aesthetic seems well suited for the under 40 crowd, but wine lovers come in all forms, so don’t be shy – give him a click.

Dirty South Wine: You’ll get a kick from reading this blog. Its humorous edge could cut a grape, but the blogger is stone cold serious about his wine. The blog’s catch line, “wine is meant to be crunk,” establishes that this is a wine blog with tongue firmly in cheek. You have to really know your subject to have this much fun with it.

WineGeeks These self-described geeks know their wines and love that they know their wines, describing the blog as a “place for wine nerds and newbies alike to discover information about the world of wine.” You can read reviews here, as well as submit your own reviews by joining the blog’s Wine Community.

–Kyle Osborne

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