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How to write the perfect tweet

It’s only a 140 characters. How hard could it be to write the perfect tweet?

If you’re merely there to self promote and don’t care about being heard, then it doesn’t matter how you compose your tweets. However, I’m guessing you had a purpose for signing up for Twitter. You saw it as a viable marketing tool for your business and you want someone to see what you tweet vs having it lost in the timeline.

With only a small amount of characters at your disposal, it’s important to learn how to craft that perfect tweet and get the maximum amount of exposure. So here’s a few steps to help you create a tweet heard around the timeline.

Be original: it might be convenient to retweet a Mashable article that a few of your followers have already shared. After all, maybe there’s someone who hasn’t seen it and you might be that awesome person sharing a bit of wisdom with them? Not. Chances are, if you’re following a tech audience, they’ve already seen it, shared it, read it, and moved on. No one cares anymore. Try giving it a clever title or finding another author’s perspective. This way if the subject is popular, your tweet won’t blend into the others and people will be compelled to read it again or another person’s opinion.

Be short: You think 140 character is short. Try 120. You want people to share your tweets, right? If you take up all the space, people who want to share your message will be forced to edit your tweet and if they don’t want to put in the effort, they’ll just skip it. Gasp! Brevity is key. Make your tweets 120 characters so there’s room to share and add a message if needed.

Tweet like a journalist: Think like a reporter. After all, that’s what you’re doing on Twitter. You’re providing content, you’re trying to be relevant, and provide data in a timely manner that matters to your audience. So in order to make it retweetable (did I just invent a word?), you’ll need a catchy headline for those tweets. It’s the hook that draws them in, makes them want to read your material, and share it.

Be yourself: Your tweets are a reflection of you. Make your bio stand out and tweet about what moves you. Make it personal, ask questions, share statistics, and engage. Don’t turn your stream into a robot by tweeting non-stop promotional material and links. You’ll lose followers fast and your interest in Twitter will dwindle. Intercept the flow with your own logic and thoughts.

Share: if someone’s tweeted something awesome, share it. They obviously got your interest, right? So share it forward. The more you share, the more you’ll get noticed for sharing interesting content. Also, your followers will notice and share your content too. It’s a win/win if you ask me.

Provoke thought: your tweets should make people question, wonder, and share that nugget of gold forward. A tweet that carries no logic is read and passed by. If all your tweets continue to follow that same pattern, you’ll often be overlooked and perhaps unfollowed. If it makes them think, pause and reflect, and wonder; it’ll be retweeted without much consideration.

What’s your secret formula for Twitter success? Share your tips for the perfect tweet in the comments down below.

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