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How Call Tracking Helps to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are proving themselves to be a cost effective way of selling your products and services to a large audience.  Using a combination of Marketplace and Premium Ads, and by using Facebook’s audience targeting capabilities, it is possible to get your products and services in front of as many relevant people as possible.

This greatly improves your chances of making a sale.  If you are selling gardening products for example, you can target your Facebook ads at people interested in gardening.  Realistically it is unlikely that gardening is a hobby undertaken by teenagers, so why not target your ad towards people over 25?  If your gardening Facebook page has been liked by seventy people, their friends probably also like gardening, so why not target them to?

Using Facebook’s targeting capabilities you can target your ads towards people who are interested in gardening, over 25, and are friends of people who like your gardening Facebook page.  Facebook offers us excellent audience targeting capabilities.

Once you have decided on your target audience, and have decided what you want from your campaign, you can now go ahead and create your ad.  Presuming you ads are looking to increase sales rather than increase your likes, linking ads directly to sales is often a problem.

Phone Call Tracking and Your Facebook Ad Campaign

And that’s where good call tracking software can help.  Call tracking uses dynamic phone numbers.  These are phone numbers which work like normal phone numbers, but can be tracked by phone call tracking software.  This will give you the following information.

  • Which ads are resulting in click throughs and phone calls to your business
  • Which ads are resulting in sales – This is not just about looking at how many clicks your ads receive, but which ad combination of pictures and copy are selling your products.
  • Which products and services are being bought
  • Tracking ads (depending on type) across social media.

For example, my gardening site is running Premium and Marketplace ads.  The Premium ad is a sponsored story, which in this case is a video selling a new lawn mower.  In the ad description I place a dynamic phone number.  Should the phone number be dialed or the ad leads to a view of my Facebook page and then my website, I can track this using the call tracking software.   Also, should the video be shared on a different social network, say Twitter for example, and again I get a call or a click through to my site from Twitter, I can track this too.

At the same time as my sponsored story, I use my marketplace ad to attract visitors.  As I want to track all the ads, I place a different dynamic number in each ad.  This way I can determine which ad is generating the most click throughs and phone calls to my site.

This might lead to a few pleasant surprises.  One ad for example might be better at inspiring my audience to pick up the phone, another to click on the ad and take a look around my site.  Say a visitor clicks through to my site, and then dials the main number on my site, I can see this information and know that the phone call was generated by my Facebook ad campaign.

Bringing it all Together

One the ads have been running and people are clicking and calling my site, I can see the following information.

  • Which ads are selling my products
  • Which pages a visitor looked at after arriving on my site as a result of the Facebook ad campaign
  • Which products are being sold by which ads
  • Which ads are generate the most click through leads
  • Which ads generate the most calls
  • My return on investment from my Facebook ad campaign
  • My cost per sale
  • If the ads have generated calls or click throughs from another social network.

All ads have their time as the target audience will become bored of seeing the same ad.  This is especially true if they have clicked on the ad already, and identifying the time to change an ad will become apparent when the click through numbers and phone calls begin to drop off.

When this happens it is time to come up with a new ad.

A quick note about dynamic numbers

A good phone call tracking app will be able to generate numbers within seconds.  You can put these numbers anywhere you can type text.  With that in mind, remember you only have 135 characters to play with for a Marketplace ad.  A phone number can take up to 13 characters depending on where you are in the world.

Speeding up the Ad Optimization Process and Reporting

An important element to making your ad campaign work is finding what works as soon as possible. It is rare to get your ad campaign right first time, and often any CPM or CPC campaign involves a lot of experimentation before your ads are optimized to potential.

If you invest or plan to invest in a Facebook ad campaign, phone call tracking will give you better reporting than what Facebook can offer you.  It will give you clear insights into the success of your Facebook ad campaigns by linking the campaigns directly to sales.

Using a call tracking service alongside Viralheat is a beneficial marketing combination. Viralheat allows you to monitor, manage, engage, publish, and analyze Facebook Profiles and Pages. But the service doesn’t stop there, the social media marketing suite offers a wide variety of services to help you stay on top of your social media presence on Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn too.

About the author

Richard Teahon writes for (  They pioneered call tracking in 2004, and have developed social media call tracking, PPC call tracking, and SEO call tracking ever since.  Learn more by visiting the site.

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