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Social Media and the Role it Plays in Job Searching

“School’s out for summer. School’s out forever.” – Alice Cooper

These lyrics couldn’t explain summer sentiment better for million of graduates this year. Summer is here which means graduations, parties, and then the inevitable job search. For anyone, job searching is a daunting and relatively unpleasant process but for graduates it can be a completely overwhelming task for those that aren’t prepared.

For many under graduates they may be applying to their first “real” job this summer. The types of jobs that value professionalism and maturity and might even search for you on social media to see if you’re the right candidate for the job. So knowing this, graduates should prep themselves on social media to make sure this isn’t the “deal breaker” in landing your dream job.

Not on LinkedIn? Get On it!

LinkedIn is the single most important social networking tool out there for job searching. For any job seeker it’s important to be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to have an online resume, connect with people you know…or don’t, and see who you might know that works at companies you’re interested in working at. LinkedIn is also one of the first places recruiters look for potential candidates.

Still not convinced? According to BlueRiseMedia, 50% of Fortune 100 companies hire through LinkedIn.

Set up a detailed, well-written LinkedIn profile and add people to your network. People to consider adding would be family, family friends, friends’ parents, previous classmates and coworkers.

Using Social Media to Find the Job

While LinkedIn is probably the best social network to find a job there are other platforms that can help. Consider Facebook as a way to let you friends know you are searching. If you’ve just graduated, many of your friends will be in the same boat. However you can create a group or private message groups of people who might have connections for you. Getting the word out about what you are looking for will help other people to keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities for you too.

Twitter is another platform that can be used for job searching. Today more than ever before recruiters are looking for candidates and posting jobs on this site. Search hashtags that might bring up relevant jobs: #intern, #marketing, #engineering, etc. Also follow companies and their job’s Twitter handle as this will not only show you’re interested in a company it can help to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity.

Job-proof Your Accounts

Never before have job prospects had to worry so much about online privacy than they do today. And while it’s fine (in most cases) to have an active social media life, the types of content and the privacy settings you have in place are incredibly important.

Go through the platforms you are active on and check your settings. Most allow you to be private and require a request to see your account. This is always a decent idea to ensure your privacy and also a quick and easy way to protect your accounts. Another option (and one that is recommended) is to go through the platforms and remove any content then you think may not be appropriate for your future boss.

Facebook also has feature where you have to approve content before it shows up on your Wall. Just remember to keep your LinkedIn account mostly public as you do want future employers to find you there.

Whether you are a new graduate about to start your looking for your dream job or a well experience job seeker, creating a LinkedIn profile and job-proofing your social media accounts is important. Go beyond this by letting your network know what you’re looking for. Social media is a social place where people want to help!

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